Create Google URL Shortener at easily

           Recently, Google launched a URL shortening service  ( is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share, tweet, or email to friends
This new service has created a lot of buzz with core goals
Stability – ensuring that the service has very good uptime
Security – protecting users from malware and phishing pages
Speed – fast resolution of short URLs

Unlike other URL shortening service, is exclusively for use with Google products and services like feedburner and only using google toolbar.
But now there are many methods of manually creating shortened links

1: Within Google Chrome browser.

Making shortened links in Google Chrome is damn easy ,
  • Launch Beta Chrome browser
  • Open shortener extension page
  • Click install button to use this plugin within Chrome browser
  • Open any webpage & click shortener link to get final shortened URL

  • Once compressed the url you can copy to the clipboard with the handy copy function ,
  • You can click copy or tweet button for further shortened URL sharingSimple, quick and easy way to generate shortened links within Chrome browser . 
Note : Google Chrome Extensions are not supported on Stable Chrome browser . For that you need to download the Beta Channel of Google Chrome to install extensions.
2: Bookmarklet
Drag this to bookmark This Page!  in your browser firefox , safari ,opera even in chrome or in favorites in IE and simly click on it when you are on that website you are willing to it !
Much quicker way and works in all browsers ! 
2: Firefox Addon
Simple extension called as lite 1.0  to let you use, Google\'s URL shortener, without installing their toolbar. Clicking the button will generate a URL and copy it to your clipboard
Note : Its an experimental add-on.


information about life said...

This is great Tool, I have used some other URL shortening tools, but i feel this is very handy and easy to use. Thanks for sharing this information.

zoom whitening said... is a great help for me as i was facing difficulties in sharing long URLs with my friend.

seo services in india said...

It is good Now I am sharing URLs in easy way

real estate information said...

Oh... that is great. yesterday was checked this tools. this will become very poerful in future. i really apreciate the work.......

bugtong said...

It seems like this is only available for internal purposes onlyu. I would surely love to use this

3arabsoft said...

cool site,
well done …….. good job man

Billige Solbriller said...

Sound interesting, but is there no problems associated with this feature? I can see the pros, but there must be cons as well?

score piano said...

i see, so it to register our domain to google, right?

Macovei Cristi said...

Looks great

Sarah said...

This may be a handy tool, but I wonder if passing shortened links such as this might hurt one's credibility; especially if posted on a resource and users have never heard of this new option. A good resource I found on this is the last thing abyone with a presence wants to do is hurt their percieved credibility to its users

PowerBuilder said...

Oh! Thats Great. Great Tool Given by Google

Thanks for sharing too

Aaron Pearson said...

At first, I though "cool!"... until I got to all the restrictions. I mean - only with the toolbar? Come on. Very cool that Firefox has the addon, though. Just another reason you gotta love FF!

Cellular Mobile said...

Recently I read some where that Google is going to pannalize the websites which are having low loading speed. Googlge shortened utility is one of the steps to cover these problems. Longer url always tend to more time for loading a particular page. This tool will somehow boost the loading speed of the webpage. Using this tool will certainly help improving stability, security and speed issues.

Traduceri autorizate said...

It makes sense, Google is a compagny that collects data to sell ads. The more they collect data the best their ads are and the more money they make.

From my point of view, every new service or software they create is a good opportunity to collect even more data. Think of Google Chrome, public DNS, Gmail, Chrome OS and now their new URL shortener.

Yeah pretty basic reasoning but I think it's true.

Home Loans said...

When I was completing my professional degree in the computer sciences or later I read an article that all of our personal information is available to these companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft: Mean all the online companies giving us the facility to surf the web. What you think guys what is the benefit for these companies for having our personal information. What these people could do with our personal information? Yes they can make use of these information for both purpose for the negative purpose and also for the positive purpose. But afterall they are having our personal information.

Breitling Replica Watches said...

Long URLs tend to slow loading time for the web pages. Its one of the nice effort made by the Google Team to shorten the length of the URLs, so that web pages could be loaded with the fine speed.

Lakewood California real estate said...

It's nice that google developed a URL shortener which has also other features aside from shortening URL's. This would help load pages from those URL's faster. Is this available on Firefox? Thank you for sharing this info.

Metal Roof Coatings said...

This add-on is looking very effective. Its really a great tool from google. I am going to install this add-on. Thanks for sharing such a great info buddy.

Blog Literature said...

Indeed great info, I think Google has start covering the web, started from Search Engine, then email etc.. now this URL Shorten service. WOW!

Thanks buddy for the update.

Blog Literature said...

Wow! such a nice plug-in by google. I am going to download it. Its just been blessing for us. Thanks for sharing such a useful update buddy.

Resume Templates said...

Most of the people feel stuck up with long urls and all hands up again to google as they have come up one more time with this marvelous service to its users. Its great and useful.

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