Cool Symbols useful in Twitter

        These UTF8 symbols like ♥♠♤✩★❦☪♝% can be used in many sites and software's that are compatible and are a fashion rage on twitter - a micro blogging service with everyone using these for tweeting.Twitter service is UTF8 compatible and so we can add any symbol UTF8 compatible while tweeting , thus making that tweet more cool and eye catchy !
Enjoy this magnificent collection


Compiled from twitter , MS word and Twitter Keys 
There are many such symbols which are available on Microsoft Word
Just go to Insert and than select symbol and there you go !

Now more fun making these symbols turn upside down via this site 

Have Fun ! 

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Home Loans said...

Why we can use these symbols. i have seen them in so many sites. but dont understand the purpose.

swasa said...

Wow ! really nice thanks for providing.

Juliane Britze said...

Thanks for the helpful advice!

Riser Recliner said...

Nice post - thanks

casino online said...

hmm these simbles make our words more impressive and efficent. Very useful post.

henrietta said...

Wow, cool!
So cool!
I Like it so much.

Canon digital camera deals said...

Hey wonderful
please post more

Clayton Shumway said...

Cool list...thanks!

Mainostoimisto said...

I did not know that... alltough I still don´t quite understand the purpose to use them... Oh well.

AutoGeeze | Latest Sportscars said...

Thanks for this wonderful things, I used this symbols while I'm chatting. I didn't know that its possible on Twitter.

score piano said...

Cool, is facebook have it too?

greenlants said...

Very interesting fact, I just recently started using twitter more frequently. I didn't know you could use these symbols from MS Word like that, thanks for posting this! I will be adding you to my list of blogs I like, thanks for the information.

Mortgage Home Loans said...

Symbols used in the twitter are getting too much popularity.

Neo said...

wow now I can use twitter like my Yahoo messenger.


canon printer cartridges perth said...

These symboles are very useful for making the language more impressive and meaning ful.

Data Entry India said...

This makes the tweets more cool and catching.

NFL Draft said...

Thank you for your sharing.I never seen these symboles.It's so cool.I think these will very useful.And they will make more impressive and meaningful.

MadBid said...

guess who's gonna have the best looking tweets from now on!!

Watch Legion Online 2010 said...

Never ever seen the historic Symbols. Thanks for sharing.

Geburtstagskarten said...

Great Insight Enjoyed reading your blog. Hope to see some more stuff from you in future. Symbols are amazing!

Myhammer said...

These symbols will make tweets more attractive... thanks for the information..

headache causes said...

great info!! I've always wanted to use these symbols, but I didn't know how. thank you so much.
I can't wait to use them on my twitter
best regards,

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