Run Windows software on linux

            Today there are 10 times more number of updates of linux and each update removes bugs and provides better experience for linux geeks , while windows just provide usual themes and decorative updates with new proximity of virus attacks and then anti-virus which is not cheap .
              Linux which is considered a difficult OS to handle , just because new users running linux cant find their favorite or used to programs at correct place ,thats because linux has many many alternatives with many many features than windows can possess and that too free ! Here is the tutorial which will help you in making windows programs run in Linux be it ubuntu or kubuntu or any linux OS :
             Its even possible to run all most of the Windows software from Linux native using Wine or one of the many virtualization tools such as VMWare.Mostly these six tools are famous Wine , VirtualBox , Qemu , Bochs , rdesktop , Xen and widely used .When switching from Windows to a more secured Linux operating system where there is no virus , just small bugs you may come up with many difficulties but with these tools you can run virtual PC on most of the Operating Systems especially the open source !
                    There are many new developments regarding how to apply Wine to run Windows programs on Linux , Wine , for those who don't know is a Free Tool for running Windows Programs in Linux and is available for free download from the project website .In some cases, you do still need Windows installed on the same machine .

  • Check to see that the WINE program is installed . Check by typing the command locate wine [You should see a list of files with WINE]
  • Be sure you have properly mounted your Windows drive.
  • Edit the file /etc/wine.conf by changing the line under [Drive C] to read exactly: Path=/mnt/win
  • Save the edited wine.conf file and then make sure you also copy the file user.dat to your Windows directory c:/windows/profiles/
  •  If you plan on running a game or other program that uses your midi then Linux midi-sequencer needs to be installed
  • Now type cd "/mnt/win/Program Files/Accessories then type wine ./calc.exe
  • This will run Windows Calculator on your Linux! You can run many such other programs by using similar commands, adjusting directory names and file names as needed.

Note:  WINE is a very good simple emulator for free but it cant give exact replica or windows programs , like you wont be able to run Microsoft Office or gtalk .
For commercial software that allows this VMWare and Win4Lin is recommended.

For more such info , check Wine site


Character Education said...

Oh wow! That's great. I 'll try to use this tool. I am not a big fan of linux. I prefer to use windows operating system.

Quit Smoking said...

Wine is really an awesome windows emulator for both Linux as well as Mac. I know many web developers who are found of Mac and use Wine to test their website compatibility for Internet Explorer. Its really a nice tutorial for every windows user who is sick of removing viruses and facing weird bugs in Microsoft Windows.

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rahul said...

I want to know if i can run Autocad in linux. If so can you please tell me how to run autocad on linux. Thank you.

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Jogos Bakugan said...

There are other tricks to run windows software on Linux, link the project Mono and the famous Wine.

Great Post!

Greenville SC Photographer said...

I use a Macbook pro for my business. I've used vmware to run windows for quite some time. I think after reading this, I'll try Linux just to see what all I can run. Thanks for the info, I'll be back often to read your thoughts.

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Well I prefer Linux specially Ubuntu because its more getting close to Windows when it comes to performance but is a lot safer and secure than Microsoft because Linux doesn't really get infected by viruses.

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I've always wanted to learn more about Linux. I've been using Windows for so long I guess I've just get comfortable with it. Just started using the Firefox browser and I was surprised at how much I liked it over Microsoft's.

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A blogger at The Open Source Advocate corrals five ways to run Windows programs in Linux. These include the obvious, like choosing an open-source alternative instead, to the slightly more inventive: Run the application on a remote Windows system.

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