Watch Star Wars Movie on MS DOS Prompt

               Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise first film which lead to worldwide pop culture phenomenon .This film is made into books, television series, video games, as well as many  comic books and the film has got Academy award . I hope many people might have seen this movie , but if you have windows OS , you can watch again the whole movie !

This is another trick in Microsoft Windows :
Follow the following easy steps to watch Star Wars – in MS DOS version :

  • Go to Start , then click on Run.
    In the Run box, type cmd and press OK 
  • This will open the open the MS command prompt window
  • Within command prompt, type telnet [ you cannot copy paste , you Need to type :P ] and hit ENTER.
  • Get ready to watch the lengthy replica of star wars in Black and White version !
This works in XP

  • But If you are using Windows Vista, you need to enable Telnet to watch the movie. 
  • Go to Start/Run, type appwiz.cpl 
  • It will open the Add/remove programs window. 
  • Click turn windows features on and off on the side panel then check mark Telnet Client and click OK
Have fun :)

However i dont know about windows 7 , if you have windows 7 try this and let me know if it works or not !