Paypal Donate Button For Blogger

                  Many blogs or open source websites can be seen with a Donate Us  or Buy Me A Beer so that people who have been impressed or want to support a cause can donate and you can easily make a few bucks from all the hard work blogging or after creating free software better than default one or best alternative to any commercial products . Then you should definitely be considering adding a Paypal donate button to your Blogger Blogspot blog or any wordpress or any blogging platforms.
The first step is to quickly create a paypal account which you have to create by providing real address , number linking credit card and all that stuff , and obviously your name . [ linking credit card or bank account is not necessary but you will get limited facilities ]
Then Login to your Paypal account
Go to Merchant Services tab and Select Paypal Merchant Services Tab
Choose Donations in the right sidebar of the PayPal Website Payments Standard Option (first of 3 payment solutions)
Chosse default button or it can be also customized and pick your currency and location although it can be changed later . You can also select that Donors can enter their own contribution amount unless you want to have a set amount , better is to let people select amount otherwise they wont be paying if they do not have the amount you may have specified !
However in case of selling private ads then stick to your rates .
Better ensure the Secure Merchant ID radio button is selected as this option will prevent spammers from seeing your email id .
Also you can choose checkout page by letting donors to comment by selecting the  button
Select  No radio button for Customer's Shipping Address
Once You have created the donate button code  , copy it and then paste it in appropriate place on you r blog / site . Dont paste it immediately on the top of homepage as this will create greedy impression . Better add it on the bottom or in about section .
                Similarly if you have account in alertpay or other related sites , you can use this kinda idea to add button . Adding a donation button will get the odd generous soul who will willingly donate some bucks in order to help and encourage to succeed further !


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A lot of people have a donate using paypal button. Although in most cases they don't have enough good content for people to willingly give money to them.

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I always wonder how to put donate button from paypal into my blog
I never know that it is really easy to set up. thanks :)

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I am also trying to place a donate button to my blog but i was not able to make it completely.But now i am able to place it on my blog.Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post with us.

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It's like leaving money on the table!

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For Creating a Paypal donate button, basically, you will need to set up a premier account with PayPal to be able to do this. Once you have done that, then simply go in and generate the code to accept donations via PayPal and insert the code into your blog.

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pay pal really offers button for users if its true than thanks for this great information it really help me

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Its my first day here, and I found an interesting article. Tips inside this article are really goods. I wanna to be here very often.

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I really encourage people to do some donations on blogs they find very useful and really helped them. Even a small amount would make a blogger happy not because of the buck you are giving but it is the point that it had help you and appreciate what they are doing.

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I will try to put the pay pal button in all my blogs.It will be great weak up in the morning and see a lot of money in the pay pal account ;)

valokuvaaja said...

I run a decent blog with only AdSense on the side and I´m not making any big bucks but it still doesn´t quite right to beg for money. That´s just my input on matter.

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I don't think people should put that if they don't have some sort of service to donate to.

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