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in short ...

i m Ajinkya ,
17 yrs old young [ LOL ] from Pune , India ,
doin engineering ,First Year
i am Linux + Windows user and i power Blogger [Once A Blogger , Always A Blogger]
i love Social Media and i am a hardcore twitterer
QwertyWEB ? just have a glance on your Keyboard  [only PC ,Lappy users , not Mobile ones ]
Q-W-E-R-T-Y , so hope you got that Straight and web is where we love surfing , right ?
QwertyWEB is a DO-FOLLOW blog consisting of more or less Reviews ,tweaks i tweaked out ,SEO upto some extent , Blogging with bulk , list of alternatives of Tools ,approximately accurate answers to queries i found out after googling when i was stuck in and BuZZ bout our dearie Google which i am a big fan , Twitter which i simply cant resist and sometimes other loving Networks which i frequently landupon
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