Activate new feature in Gmail ---> The super-trustworthy, anti-phishing key

Since after Gmail becoming full functional and removing BETA tag , loads of new features have been built up for highest level of security .
And what more , protect spam and hoax emails believed to be send from false alike servers , Gmail has now launched a new lab feature , The Authentication icon for verified senders” one .
"Super-trustworthy" new feature have 3 main cool new rocking features :

  1. The sender, usually a financial institution, is a target of phishers,
  2. All of the sender's email is authenticated with DKIM,
  3. Gmail rejects any fake messages that claim to come from this sender, but actually don't.
To enable this feature go to Settings and then labs or click this link

You have to click on enable

Here's a look on post on their official Gmail blog

We're always looking for new ways to protect Gmail inboxes from spam and phishing. Last year, we started taking extra steps to protect you from fake eBay and PayPal emails, requiring that any email claiming to come from one of eBay's or PayPal's domains actually comes from them. We do that by looking at the "From" header, and when it says "" for example, it means it really did come from Anything else is rejected; it won't even appear in your spam folder because Gmail won't accept it.

Link :

Right now this feature only checks on ebay and paypal ,but more will be coming soon


techy said...

one of the most needed security email update by google gmail !

Nevada workers compensation said...

I'm really happy with this update. This is what separates Google from all other search engines. Gmail has a lot of features specially their security features. Really gets the trust of the users.

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