disable annoying startup processes googleupdater.exe

If you have ever downloaded any of the google products like picasa ,google screen saver or full google pack etc, you may have googleupdater.exe running as a process in your system right now.You can check by pressing “alt+ctrl+del” to open task manager and click the process tab.

What is googleupdater.exe?

GoogleUpdater.exe is a process which belongs to the’s range of Internet search facilities provided. This program is a non-essential , can be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

Basically it just startups automatically which consumes a lott of ram and thus decreases systems smoothness of running program-mes rapidly , it starts upto 5 to 8 processes of itself ,

you can esily delete that process by pressing “alt+ctrl+del

then go to processes

select that process by right clicking and go to end process

this wil still not remove the problem of automatically starting up googleupdater.exe

so this is d soln :

1. Open start >> all programs and find startup

2. now right click on googleupdater and delete it.

3. now Open start>> Run and type services.msc

4. find the Googleupdater, right click and select properties and select disabled in the startup .(as shown in the image below)


tio said...

cool ,this googleupdater consumed my half RAM ,thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

i have tried all steps but still the process runs ,is there more to do ?

lusthat said...

in mine laptop too it still starts up ,i tihnk its a virus

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