Download TORRENT files right through Firefox browser addon without any software

Great news for people who loves downloading through torrents !
Now you can download huge torrents without uploading !!
originally with torrent software like bittorrent ,vuze ,utorrent ; the torrnt you download is not only downloaded by you ; its downloaded by other people as group sharing and your torrent software uploads some amount of data of your downloading torrent ,thus making shot in bandwidth of your home internet connection , reduction more speed and that makes you wonder why lots of time is required for that
If you are a Firefox user , download an addon called FIRETORRENT , so that when you click on downloading a torrent file ,it doesnt need any software and the main file starts downloading automatically !! It works with any OS ,limux ,windows ,mac you can see that in Downloads window in firefox , you can even pause it ! and resume it anytime ,whatmore ! when you download through torrent software ,it consumes lots of RAM on your pc making it lil bit slow ! this takes only firefox process
You can download with max speed upto 100 or 150 kbps with torrrent software for people with internet speed upto 2mbps ,but right after adding this addon ,the file starts downloading with 200kbps zapping speed !! ,but if you want to surf too while downloading just open another browser like chrome or opera ,as this will enable your torrent file to download more fastly and wont take too much load on firefox.exe process !



Anonymous said...

I tried it twice, two separate files, and each one crashed Firefox 3.5.7 after over an hour. I don't have that kind of time to waste.

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