Earn upto 1$ per digsby download

Neverblue , ad network affiliating with Digsby , a multiple chat messenger have started new affiliate scheme that can earn publisher 1 $ per download of this software ! , this is highest pay per download i have ever heard ! you can login as an neverblue affiliate or sign up , however you have to meet all the criteria for becoming an affiliate . Its not very common network but surely high paying one , very few of webmasters get chosen .

  • Webmaster need to provide all details of website ,partners ,other ad networks ,mobile number , address , and then once chosen ,they contact by calling on mobile number !
  • Payment is issued by check 15 days after the end of every month.
  • After you join, you will have access to links, banners, and buttons that you can use to promote Digsby.
  • You get paid for every new user that installs Digsby
  • You get paid up to $1.00 for every new user that installs Digsby. The amount varies depending on the geographic location of the person installing Digsby.
Once you submit a big form regarding your application ,this will display

Your application has been received and placed in priority sequence. A Neverblue representative will be reviewing your application as soon as possible.

Please note that ONLY the applicants who completed all the application requirements with accurate and truthful information and who meet our acceptable criteria and approved promotion methods will be contacted over the telephone by a Neverblue representative to verify their account information in English. If you cannot be reached, or the number you provided is invalid, your application will be denied.

Thus you have to be honest and give only valid YOUR nos only , but thats only if your website and more activities are approved

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sohbet said...

thanks you very

├Ânder reklam said...

nice thanks you very much

Anonymous said...

i donno why but this software is not working properly in my vista

Anonymous said...

This messenger is very slow and takes up lots of RAM and even hangs up my xp , i dont recomment it ,pidgin is better than digsby

qwertyweb said...

although digsby is notso good messenger ,it surely pays ! ,so not bad for tryin as an affiliate programme !

Attorney Smith said...

HI!!!!! Good ideas and thanks for sharing

Unity said...

Nice post,thanks for the back link.

Anonymous said...

As its associated with neverblue ads , its very choosy , it does not approve every one , even me

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