Finding invisible contacts on Yahoo Messenger

Tonnes of softwares and websites and tools are available to check whether your contact on Yahoo messenger is online , offline or invisible ,but i like this one --- > is a website for Yahoo! Messenger status checking.
With you can now bypass Yahoo! Messenger's Invisible Settings with ease. It's quick and intuitive interface, offers you the ability to see if your friend is truly online or if they are invisible.

You can detect invisible Yahoo! IDs easily with following only 2 steps:

1. Enter your friend’s yahoo ID
2: Click on magnifier.

Wait a few seconds, you will see the status of that ID.


yahoo status said...


Thanks for this informations . I also find a great website that always works .
You can also add this website to your list
This comes with something new and show hi5 account and avatar .
You can try at this address :


Melbourne homes said...

Now I know how to detect my girlfriend if she is really offline or just invisible. Lol. Thanks for this information. I can now use it in spying my girlfriend. Good job!

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