how to remove ubuntu user login window at startup

If you are are the sole user of your computer and are annoyed by the Ubuntu login window during every startup,
it is better to remove it.
Removing the login window will not actually remove the login password, but it will just skip the step during system startup.
1st of go to
System > Administration > Login Window.
otherwise just press Alt + F2 and type gksu /usr/sbin/gdmsetup
Run Application box.

This will open the login screen preferences window.

THUS to enable auto log in,

go to security tab ,

check Enable Automatic Login and enter user name for your system.

delay in auto login can also be set by setting Enable Timed Login and selecting time in seconds. By enabling it, your system will wait for specified number of second before logging you.

Click Close and reboot your system. Now you won’t see the login windows anymore and won’t need to type the password during every startup. . thats it !


ravi said...

wow ,i was searching this for long ,tanx

qwertyweb said...

and similar is for kubuntu as well

Potomac homes for sale said...

Thank you for these steps. At last I got to get rid of this login window during startup. I was really wondering how to do this. Thanks for this helpful information!

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