Google Buzz - Social Networking within Gmail

         Google have added a new cool social feature - Google Buzz suggesting that it will help us organize social information and remain connected. This one is built right into Gmail unlike Google wave which had to be opened in another tab making it very accessible in the first place.

          Google Buzz was a trending topic the day it was launched , which is just another Social Media tool integrated right into your Gmail account. Although there were no beta invites like google wave , buzz was made public just 2 days after it was surprisingly announced .
It just appears to be another Twitter + Facebook clone as you can share status updates and reply with fellow contacts on Gmail account just like Twitter , only its aint made public , it was initially but now it have made change to policy right after many companies complained about privacy policy and about being hacker target . Also its possible to share links, photos and media with your friends. Just like Orkut, Facebook , Twitter , Myspace you have a timeline of updates from your friends and you can comment or Like it. As soon as you edit profile and select whether your profile should be made public or private you can even interlink  Blog RSS, Twitter , picasa , and share google reader, Youtube , perhaps even facebook account could be linked up in future just like interlinking in google wave. Buzz!

Here  is how you can use Google Buzz :

         When it is activated , it asks whether you have to automatically follow all your buddies connected on Gmail and other Google services or block some or all of em or cancel google buzz service . As Buzz integrates directly with your Gmail inbox, updates and comments appear along side your e-mails in real time possibly making it smooth one tab check for other social services when you get everything at same place.
Support for @ replies just like twitter which can send buzz to a specific user. It also supports Autocomplete and gives suggestions of the friends connected on Buzz to send reply.
Some other features are layering Google Maps with Buzz. You can also associate pictures with buzz within Google Maps. Posts can be geotagged, and the location-aware features really comes to life when you post from a mobile with GPS inside.
You can add Buzz this button to blog so that people can share your blog  .
Similarly now even it is available on your phone just like google voice , Google Buzz is much more than just a small screen version of the desktop experience. When viewed in aggregate, the posts about a particular location can paint an extremely rich picture of that place. Check out the Mobile Blog for more info about all of the ways to use Buzz on your phone, from a new mobile web app to a Buzz layer in Google Maps for mobile.

Google BUZZ for Mobile :

What more good thing is that its an open source and a hell lot of plug-ins will be available in the future ! and developer's can enjoy creating more such applications :)


yogita aggarwal said...

For me Google Buzz is Awesome...

Thanx Google For Expanding Your self or Provide us the one the best tool bar . Google Buzz

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