List of best free Speed Testing Tools for your Website

           Website speed is very crucial and major part of optimizin and monetizing your blog/website especially for search engines. The faster your site loads the more better for visitors and thus will create better impressions and make permanent visitor and will greatly help in reducing site’s bounce rate .
                  Its quite obvious that visitors will naturally ditch slow opening sites and switch to other ones , sometimes even though the matter they want is not available there finally becoming helpless only due to slow speed ,mainly due to bulky images , ugly ads and popups [yakk] .Website speed along with Page rank ,domain age , hosting etc  has a significant impact on search engine rankings as well . What i have observed is Wordpress loads faster than blogger and is most preferred Blogging Platform .
Here is the list of all free online website speed testing tools:

           I have listed these above 11 tools , i will happy to add more to this list if there are some more availabe which i may have forgotten to add up . Please comment such kinda valid sites, so that i will add it up !
These tools may not possible give accurate or same reading as compared to other ones as they are created considering many factors and are hosted from different locations but these can definitely give you an overview and recommendations like calculation of  total object sizes like number of javascript, css, images, etc, Loading times ,that is your website’s loading time in different internet speed connections from 14.4 kbs – T1 with unique Analysis and recommendations on how you can fix the issues and make your site load faster .This will surely be major factor for improving SEO not only for Google , but also Bing and Yahoo !


offshore software development said...

Thanks for such a informative posting

Internet advertising network said...

Yes with the help of above tools you can check your web speed limit. If you want your page lighter then make these files seperate in your pages:

Seperate CSS file,
Seperate Java script file
Do styling via css

These are the basic that make your page lighter and help it to load fast.

I hope this will be worthy.

Internet advertising network

Mike Pannell said...

These speed test are great. I just ran one on my Fort Worth Real estate website and found out i could speed it up a bit

funny t shirts uk said...

Thanks for sharing this. Just used it and see I have some pretty slow loading pages we'll be working on now.

Ice Luges said...

Thanks for the speed tool
i check my site into and it shows 0.06 seconds.. So this speed is ok?

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