How to delete Technorati account

             Technorati indexes more the 100 million blogs in blogosphere and is one of the great measurable tool to see how is your blog progressing . And thereby many bloggers can be seen adding blogs in technorati after claiming so thta it will also be getting indexed quickly .Some bloggers as they say seem to be getting huge traffic from technorati and also get a chance to be getting closer to top 100 blogs in the world. For some strange reason, Technorati has not incorporated a delete function in Technorati accounts which sucks a big deal.
Let me tell you my tale :
           First of all i made a technorati account with username A and then claimed this blog , later i wanted to change my userid and tried to edit but i got to know that once you created an id , you cant edit it  . So what i did was that first i unclaimed this blog and then created another desired technorati id B and then claimed this blog .
But to my surprise technorati did not unclaim my blog with user id A .
So now it keeps on displaying 2 authors for this blog
When i had my A id , i had authority 4 but now it shows just 1 and its completely crap .
Even they have made my location USA without me choosing any , also when i edit my blog by adding tags and save it , it just refuses to get saved and i think my account has been tricked !
My blog even is not indexed by technorati and cannot be found in search results
I have filled form to contact them , 3 to 4 times , but no reply
Even there is no link to delete account like in google or friendfeed or facebook which is very worst case and seems to be getting complicated and people should think before registering technorati .
           Whenever a blog links at you, they will increase your authority which means your ranking is been improved in blogosphere. Apart from being featured in top 100 blogs you will be getting massive subscribers and unique traffic as technorati is been accepted globally in blog ranking. I dont know how is this true coz i haven't got even a single visit and my claimed blog , which i can see still donnot have a thumbnail and its still queued .
Now no one can save you and if you badly need to delete your account stick to this link and wait for any official news in ordert o do so !

Careful to read Blog claiming Faq


Breitling Replica Watches said...

I have created my technorati account last night. I don't wana delete it. But its really a very nice info. I don't need this at this moment but may be i need in the future. But however thanks for sharing such a nice info buddy.

GuitarLessonsJacksonville said...

I have been thinking of joining technorati but after reading your post. I am now thinking twice abut joining technorati or not.I guess I would really have to wait it out.

Promotional Printing said...

I think it's good to know these thing. It's not good to be indexed in two sites. It's not good for you nor for technorati.

motocross clothing said...

You are really pretty witty I like your writing style...and article..

Fazreen said...

I'm also have a bad experience with Technorati. They're jerk ass

Moving Companies Cleveland said...

Thanks for the help, i've been looking all over for this.

Waterproof lighting said...

Well, the post is actually the freshest on this deserving topic. I concur with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the wonderful clarity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates.

Legitimate Work From Home said...

I don't need this at this moment but may be i need in the future. But however thanks for sharing such a nice info buddy.

Custom t-shirts said...

I don't wana delete my technorati account coz i am working on it daily basis. But thanks for sharing useful info.

Anonymous said...

Good info - This just underscores that Technorati talks the talk but most definitely does not walk the walk. I suspected they probably didn't have their shit together when I created a user ID and tried to get it to discover my site. No matter how many times I followed the worthless instructions, it would not find the badge and link to my site. I don't need them anyway since I have a dozen others affiliates that linked to my site just fine.

seo said...

thank goodness i found this blog, thanks for sharing i want to delete my account. been messing around with it the whole month

Andrei A. said...

nice post only not delete my acount technorati !

Action Figure Toy said...

It seems I have a big problem with technorati
After I claimed my blog, they never accept it. I don't know what is wrong with my blog. It's really weird

Rackmount Monitor said...

wow!!! Thank u very much for all this information. Keep on supplying such useful information. It really is interesting.

Zen Menu said...

good to know... i have to watch carefully what i do if i use technorati

Mannequins Lyon said...

Technorati is the worst run popsicle stand I've EVER SEEN.
Please kill yourselves, but not before you DELETE MY ACCOUNT because you wont let me EDIT ANY ITEMS in it to correct a mistake.
The sign up email I got had a blank for my username, too. What kind of amateurs ARE YOU GUYS?

Hotesses Marseille said...

That's a great idea. My mind is blowing very fast after reading your blog. Thanks to post.

Bronson said...

I was looking for a technorati image on google and I stumbled on this gem of a site. My lucky day :) About invest half an hour into some worthwhile reading in your site, thank you for taking the time to write these posts!

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