Twitter can now make money by sponsored Trending Topics

             Since April, Twitter had announced Promoted Tweets - Twitter's new system to make money online .This was twitter's first business ad revenue model , and that was supposed to be in search results .However may be it didnt turned big or for any other reason the second phase of twitter's revenue model started - Promoted Trending Topics.

      May be very very few tweeple would search on twitter to see any sponsored tweet and almost everyone on twitter tweets or atleast gets acquainted with hot baked trending topics , may it be someone's death - R.I.P or someone's birthday or best example is the result of FIFA World Cup 2010 . Now the entire trending topic is now sponsored !
Toy Story 3 has now created history [ If twitter continues this plan ] which is the first sponsor promoted by Disney/Pixar. As you can see in the right hand toolbar of, at the bottom of the Trending Topics area there is extra topic  , "Toy Story 3." Next to it is a big ugly yellow box shouting out PROMOTED  - and  clicking on it takes you to a search results page to see what people are saying about Toy Story 3.

     Regarding the prior sponsored tweets model , i didn't see even a single of them ! Might be , depending on the location . But trending topic means a lot more and twitter could earn a lot more - in Millions or Billions ? And once a topic is a trend , everyone talks about it and creates a massive Buzz . Did you check your twitter account today for this promoted trend ?