Download Firefox 3.5.1 to fix certain flaws

Firefox 3.5. had created a record number of fixes and loadz of improvements and added special new features almost like Chrome,however latestly released Firefox 3.5 browser , According to Mozilla there is a critical Java script vulnerability found in Firefox 3.5 browser and this security loop hole helps in attacking of Hackers and execute malicious codes on the computer running with the browser. To avoid further damage Mozilla has launched updated version of 3.5 to 3.5.1 to get the bug fixed.

  • Several stability issues.
  • An issue that was making Firefox take a long time to load on some Windows systems.
  • Several securoty issues
Please see the complete list of changes in this version.
Now that loophole is fixed it is better to downoad new 3.5.1 latest version
Or it can be updated even by navigating Help >and then selecting Check for Updates to get the update .


Chanhassen real estate said...

Nice way to counter the glitch of the version 3.5. I think with the update they made, I'll still use firefox coz for me I find firefox not the best, but the most comfortable and easy to use. Certainly, firefox is one of the best if not the best browser. Thanks for sharing this!

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