Surf with fake IP using foxyproxy

               Many Social Networking sites are often blocked in colleges and offices like  Blogger blogs, YouTube, Facebook , , hi5 ,bebo , linkedin , orkut ,tagged  , myspace and other entertainment related sites , sometimes even gtalk , yahoo messenger , rediff bol messengers even Gmail , hotmail are blocked  Blogspot blogs are banned in china etc
 In case to Access Blocked Websites what we need is a method to Unblock Restricted Sites
Here are the tricks you can tweak to make yourself anonymous and surf with fullest privacy

  1.         Use a URL redirection service like or but still even url redirection sites may be blocked
  2.         Enter the URL in Google or Yahoo search and then visit the cached copy of the page. To retrieve the page more quickly from Google's cache, click "Cached Text Only" while the browser is loading the page from cache , but this might work only if that restricted site is indexed by search engine , there may be a case where even google , bing or yahoo may be blocked !
  3.      Use a proxy sites like , one of  anonymizer websites that will fetch the blocked web page from their servers and display them to you , but proxy sites are sure-shot blocked by the admin
  4.       You can access blocked or restricted websites by using translation services like Yahoo Babelfish or Google Translate language tools as a proxy server hoping they are not blocked
These might work , but if you are geek then you can try  the FoxyProxy Addon

FoxyProxy is a free, open-source, advanced proxy management tool that helps you in proxying your browsing experience through Firefox. It surpasses the limitations of Firefox's inherent one and gives you quite a wide scope to browse.
What you need is to install Firefox browser and an addon , better is to download it in pendrive and then install in the pc where even the firefox site be not be accessible !
FoxyProxy automatically switches an internet connection across one or more proxy servers based on URL patterns. In other words, it automates the manual process of editing Firefox's Connection Settings dialog box.

Foxy Proxy Tools :
Animated icons- It show you when a proxy is in use.
Advanced logging- It shows you which proxies were used and when.
QuickAdd-  Makes it a snap to create new URL patterns on-the-fly.
Language Tool- It can be translated into more than 25 languages.

Foxy Proxy Features :
  • Animated statusbar/toolbar icons show you when a proxy is in use .You can define multiple proxies.
  • Define which proxy to use (or none!) for arbitrary URLs
  • Better support for PAC files than Firefox itself    (The proxy auto-config file defines how web browsers and other user agents can automatically choose the appropriate proxy server (access method) for fetching a given URL. A PAC file contains a JavaScript function FindProxyForURL(url, host))
  • Foxyproxy is compatible with portable Firefox too.

Other Important Aspects
1. Foxy Proxy Doesn't Anonymize You
Any proxy service hides our ip-address to show a new one to others. But that is not the case. Only Proxy severs do so. And FoxyProxy isn't that. Your ip will be shown while you are browsing the web.
2.  FoxyProxy is not a Tor
3. Easily Secure Your Privacy through FoxyProxy

         If you are using a proxy for complete privacy and anonymity, there are two recommended ways to use FoxyProxy so this privacy and anonymity is maintained:

  1. Use FoxyProxy in dedicated (non-patterns) mode; i.e., "Use Proxy XXX for all URLs". This is indicated by the blue FoxyProxy icon in the statusbar and toolbar.
  2. Use FoxyProxy in patterns mode but change the settings for the default proxy from using your direct internet connection to a bogus (i.e., non-existent) proxy such as localhost:55555. When a URL is reached which doesn't match a whitelisted pattern, the URL will attempt load through this non-existent proxy. The attempt will time out and fail. In this way, you can still leverage patterns but not compromise privacy and anonymity.

Protect Your Privacy from perpetration of Google through Foxy-proxy
Google, the best  search engine, whom you trust the most has a very dark side of it. Google places a cookie inside your desktop that keeps all the searching activity of yours in their records! Thus  a third party may come to know everything you have ever searched for !
  • Download FoxyProxy and restart Firefox when you are prompted after installation.
  • Open the FoxyProxy options window by going to, Tools > FoxyProxy > More > Options in the browser menu or just see the right bottom .

  • In the FoxyProxy options window you will see a Default proxy which is your direct internet connection. You can add your own custom proxy by clicking on the “Add New Proxy” button.

  • Give your proxy a name by filling in the “Proxy Name” field.
  • Next, go to the “Proxy Details” tab and select “Manual Proxy Configuration” where you can add a proxy IP address / host name and port number.
  • There are numerous websites that offer free list of ports and proxies like 

Now you will see all restricted sites only if you put the proxy of the place where the site is not blocked !

To verify ,If you put proxy of china , blogspot blogs would not open
if you put proxy of usa than you can easily sign up Pandora as it is blocked in other countries including india .

FoxyProxy is one of ma favorite addon  and is very featureful and useful Proxy management tool. And it easily beats the likes of SwitchProxy, ProxyButton, QuickProxy, xyzproxy, ProxyTex, and TorButton any given day.
More on Addon


Jamie said...

I have to take not of your article, it is very important about IP block. This already happened to me.

computer hardware said...

Thanks for sharing. I`ve been searching for something like this to get acces to 4chan. You seem to have explained pretty well. Thank you

md5 cracker said...

I always use a proxy when surfing stuff at work. They can log everything you go on otherwise!

Scottsdale Vacation Rentals said...

Nice anonimomity software, tried and tested.

DIY Dave said...

I am not a fan of proxy sites.

I tried using one when outside of the UK to view BBC iplayer, and the BBC iplayer could tell I was using a proxy site. I tried a number of times.

Then when I was at work, I wanted to view a football site, but it was blocked. So I used a proxy site, and the system came up with an error saying I had tried to use a proxy site and I got a warning. lol

Call Center Services Outsourcing said...

@Dave haha, that's too bad. It's the same over here, it seems they have an index of proxy sites.

Luigi | said...

Your post was a very good explanation. I have tried a proxy site before and I was really amazed.

Skincare said...

This is a very useful plugin, no need to use something else now. But, how effective is it?

Hairstyle said...

Mozilla just got an UPGRADE

Lovers said...

With plugins like these you can forget about anonymity fears.

Cheapest said...

Neat little plugin. Should help me browse safer form now on, if i`m going to use it.

fastSEO said...

Atlast what i was looking for , all other proxy sites put loads of ads but this addon is perfect for me ,
Brilliant explanation !

Nitesh Patel said...

i am suing this from long time and its must have thing.. nice post

Hidup Untuk Berbagi said...


Very COOL article!

PTC said...

ohhh thanks for this information man

tan said...

used it and the only thing that is not good bout it is that u need to all the proxies manually,leaving that out everything bout this add on is just cool

Anupum said...

Vidalia bundle uses onion. Its a great tool for proxy. Makes the internet a bit slow though.

sephtian said...

nice info..

Corporate Gifts said...

OMG! its amazing information not only for me but everyone because in every college, school, company some sites are ristricted. Definitely it will work for everyone. Thanks Buddy.

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Sunil Jain said...

This is really a nice trick to stay anonymous :) :)

Sourav said...

Nice and usefull information.


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yes. this amazing software just like the anonymizer

bos said...

is very admirable and I hope that this software can be developed more advanced again

Unblock Youtube said...

You can Unblock Website easily with a Web Proxy :-)

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How do you bypass from surf control,how to use any anonymous proxy.

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Is there a way to hide IP address other than using a proxy server.

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How do i get adobe flash to work with a proxy server.

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Tell me how i know the proxy server of my internet provider,i usually check automatically detect setting and everything is figured out behind the seen,thanks.

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Thats a wonderful post. It contains very informative content. Thanks for sharing it.

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I used a proxy site, and the system came up with an error .

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Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it.

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I recently came to know about these proxy web servers. These proxy web servers could be best way for surfing the websites. But these web servers could lead your website towards spamming. Am I right? Any way thanks for sharing your post.

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Every thing which is fake comes to end some time. Certainly we can browse with the fake Proxy Servers. But most of the times it is considered as spam. This is the main reason that most of the fake Proxy Servers are dead now and some are working but I can say that they will be dead so soon.

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I recently came to know from one of my boss about the proxy servers to browse the sites from Proxy Servers. Proxy Servers are good to cheat the Search Engines. But one thing that is the cheat is always a cheat.

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nice info...very informative especially the foxy proxy plugin you mentioned above

Las Vegas real estate said...

There were some great tips mentioned even without using proxies but where there's an absolute necessary to use proxies, I've my I don't really trust the proxy servers for keeping my details secured and they may be logged so I don't feel secure on them. Yes for Youtube etc, they may be good but not for accessing your email account or facebook account.

Just my two cents.

Blog Literature said...

Very useful indeed, as for many sites we need to open them using different IPs. Previously we need to fund Anonymous surfing websites, but now this Plug will definitely help us alot.

Good work man!

Blog Literature said...

Its really been a great info. I 'll try to follow you. currently i am using Do you have any idea of other good proxy sites like this? If you have than please share with us.

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It is great to see these tricks as I am facing this problem especially for facebook. Thanks dear for information.

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