List of mobile IM clients

Agile Messenger - most famous and user friendly all-in-one application for your mobile phone

Eqo - cool one with great facilities save up to 95% on calls, 70% on text messaging, integrates all of MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber.

fring - use it as an IM client, but also for free calls over Wi-Fi, GPRS or EDGE

IM+ - All-in-One Mobile Messenger that works on any mobile device

OctroTalk - keeps you connected with your buddies, and works seamlessly over GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/Wifi/Bluetooth data connections

QuickIM - connect to public MSN networks using your cell phone with one time license fee

JiveTalk - connect simultaneously to AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber

Causerie - an easily configurable chat tool with simple-to-use user interface that work on Palm, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Symbian and J2ME enabled phones.

TipicME - J2ME-based Jabber client that is really well done and absolutely free

MT Messenger - exchange messages using the most popular IM applications from MSN, Yahoo! and AOL

EpyxMobile - call all over the world from your mobile phone for SkypeOut tariffs

GoTalkMobile - Java application for J2ME enabled phones, allows you connect to Google Talk and Jabber

iSkoot - mobile application that allows you to connect by GPRS, 3G or Wifi and to speak or chat with all your contacts on Skype

MovaMessenger - a free mobile IM client, works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and GTalk

Turbo MSN - a mobile MSN client for Nokia and Panasonic

Nimbuzz - call your IM buddies on their mobile or on their PC, chat with your IM buddies for free and send text messages for free.

Heysan - web based mobile messenger, compatible with most of the mobile phones including iPhone.

YehBA Mobile IM - allows you chat with your friends anywhere in the world, meet new friends across the globe through chat rooms, and have access to an unlimited number of fun services.

Palringo Vocal IM - transforms your mobile device into a walkie-talkie: communicate with a contact or a group at the touch of a button

MSN Mobile - take MSN with you

Mundu - conference with your contacts across IM services in a single chat session


Home Lighting said...

Thanks for suggesting this list. I have tried a few of these.

Bethesda homes for sale said...

I use Agile Messenger because its easy to use and very user friendly. Most of my friends also use Agile. No wonder why. But all of these mobile IM clients are useful.

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