What is RT (Retweet) in Twitter ?

RT is an abbreviation for ReTweeting the update that is updater by other twitterer.

Like ;

@ABC RT @ajinkyaforyou hello world !
In this example, ABC tweets again update that was twitted by @ajinkyaforyou
by tweeting again on his own profile.

This is mainly done to spread update which may be hot offers or sudden breaking news ! Thus the whole twitter villa gets juiced up with the same news ,making it popular word of the day for example #hello world ; the word after hash <#> is called as hashtags
Retweeting is beneficial and Interesting to link and connect to more twitterers and spread your word or diversify your ad for free ! If you dont know about this ,ie , retweeting, you are surely loosing a huge chance to connect to other twitterers users and sharing common links and open minds

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Sell Your Mobile said...

There are often the retweet buttons built into blog posts that you see that auto format the tweet for you with the rt abbreviation. Following you on Twitter @SellYourMobile

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