Yahoo 360 closed ,now Xin xem trang Yahoo! 360plus

It was nothing surprising that Yahoo closed Yahoo 360 ,a social networking site , on 13th july ,and that too didn't create any buzz due to inflammability ;)
It had very less traffic and poor pride , huge losses had occurred , so again like as Yahoo had closed many services , even this one
It says

You can still move your blog posts from 360° until August 19. See your options.see FAQS for more info

Yahoo 360 was almost like blogger but very very user unfriendly !
This site now displays this link
Xin xem trang Yahoo! 360plus
i dunno what this is , maybe another language but it doesn't open sometimes :P


Hawaii MLS said...

Yah, you're right indeed. It has very poor traffic compared to other social networking sites. The problem with 360 is that, It doesn't have that much features compared to more popular SN sites. Well if Yahoo! would like to make a SN site again someday, they should make sure that it would be a great hit like facebook and twitter. But is Yahoo! still the number one when it comes to emails?

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