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Google had acquired feedburner for giving publishers a chance to earn via RSS feeds , as well as subscription via emails free giving more options , similarly , even bidvertiser too has added new ads which i came upon today and just enabled now . For every RSS blog publisher of any blogger platform joomla ,blogger or even wordpress , a better choice to monetize your RSS or even ATOM feeds for all publishers ( specially adsense banned publishers ! ) , After selecting new ads and , submitting your url feed service , you will see a message

Verifying feed ownership establishes that you are the owner and will allow you to monetize it using BidVertiser.
Simply add a new entry to your feed (by writing a new post in your blog for example), that includes the following code and click "Verify" once the new entry is published. Right after we verify your ownership (up to 1 minute), you may delete this entry.
Below you can find your Feed Verification code. Simply Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) it into a new post.

Here BDV-768327-BDV is my verification code

There are too choices of verifying ,visible as well as advanced , i prefered VISIBLE one , After which within 1 minute i got

Verification Succeeded!
Congratulations, Your feed ownership has been verified!
Original Feed:

Click Next to get the Feed Code.

Then it asked me which blogger platform i had submitted the url of , and i selected feedburner ,
then i got this url
and it wanted me to Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) the following Feed address under Original Feed:

You have successfully updated the feed "THEQWERTYWEB"


aman said...

your bidvertiser ads are showing in RSS feed

qwertyweb said...

@aman ,u can see them ,but not after every post ,they occur after 6 posts

Anonymous said...

adsense rss feeds are more better than bidvertiser , coz most of the time bidvertiser ads are not visible

health insurance said...

good info, bidvertiser is good. i have account bidvister

Perfu said...

Thanks for this information :)

Tech-Freak Stuff said...

Good man! Now we have alternative to Adsense for using in the Feeds.

clairol said...

very informative Earn with bidvertiser RSS feed blog. Thanks! Horde Leveling Guide

Poker said...

Bidvertiser is the site i like after google adsense. Its really good. Hope your advice help me improving the revenue. thanks.

80steesrock said...

What is this bidvertiser thing,i just tried to rss my site using feedburner ,but it not capture the the categories, is there another good way to rss your site

ipod recovery said...

good post.

Ahmed said...

the informative post thanks for helping others

aakash said...

well best way to monetize RSS iis adsense , but bidvertiser is too good for adsense banned bloggers

qwertyweb said...

yeah u r right , bidvertiser is the best source after adbrite for monetizing feeds ,topper being adsense which is now a days not approving easily , i wish adbrite too updates ads for FEEDS ! :p

Rick Yakima Rack said...

The Adsense world just keeps getting better. Google is improving the look of their ads. The Ugly blocks are finally going to be able to meld into the website like any good affiliate ad can be made to do.

Euphorish said...

Hey thanks for this I am starting to wonder if bidvertiser has a bit of click fraud
I had 200 adclicks and Hardly any traffic so as an adveriser just not sure 30 USD Gone in 3 hours no sales

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