Get firefox 3.5.2 to fix more issues and Vulnerabilities

Firefox 3.5.2 fixes the following issues:

Impact key:

  1. Critical: Vulnerability can be used to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing.
  2. High: Vulnerability can be used to gather sensitive data from sites in other windows or inject data or code into those sites, requiring no more than normal browsing actions.
  3. Moderate: Vulnerabilities that would otherwise be High or Critical except they only work in uncommon non-default configurations or require the user to perform complicated and/or unlikely steps.
  4. Low: Minor security vulnerabilities such as Denial of Service attacks, minor data leaks, or spoofs. (Undetectable spoofs of SSL indicia would have "High" impact because those are generally used to steal sensitive data intended for other sites.)

Fixed in Firefox 3.5.2

MFSA 2009-46 Chrome privilege escalation due to incorrectly cached wrapper
MFSA 2009-45 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
MFSA 2009-44 Location bar and SSL indicator spoofing via on invalid URL
MFSA 2009-43 Heap overflow in certificate regexp parsing
MFSA 2009-42 Compromise of SSL-protected communication
MFSA 2009-38 Data corruption with SOCKS5 reply containing DNS name longer than 15 characters

Complete list of bug fixes

or If firefox is already installed just update it to Firefox 3.5.2
Go to by navigating Help and then Check for Updates to get the updates.


kewler said...

opera is best browser in terms of vulnerability ,just that it doesnt posses much addons and more featires

Cyclop said...

I must agree about Opera. It uses less memory than Firefox, which is good, but on the other hand Firefox has MUCH more add-ons. And that's why it is the most useful browser IMO.

chomrexperimental said...

chrome is too not bad choice ,no addons will too soon emerge out , just it consumes mindblowing memory ,but the most safest one !

rainman said...

firefox is best than any other browser thats why even google distributes Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar , wonder wat was the reason chrome was made ,just for support of CHROME OS

nishad said...

downloaded just now ,the previous 3.5 one used to crash a lot ,this will fix it :)

newtech said...

thnx for information ,this fixed repetetive crashes

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