Pages Your complete music keeper is a website that is specialized in tracking peoples' music tracks, giving them recommendations, and accessing personal music collection from anywhere, without much efforts.

You can start with creating a account on their site, which is pretty simple. You can add some artists initially for a start.

The next step is to configure your media player for song reporting. This feature is easily present in most Linux media players. You just have to give the media player your username and password.

Here I'll show you how to configure VLC media player.

  1. Open VLC media player.
  2. From menu, Tools > Preferences.
  3. Select the Audio tab, check the box saying "Enable submission" and enter your username and password.

That's it! You're done. Now you can play tracks and see your library getting filled automatically, while your player does the job near the end of each track played. Here's my music profile.


leanne said...

is services available for itunes ?

SEO BLOG said...

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Dani Setyanto said...

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European River Cruises said...

Many of my friends have recommended, though never actually tried it myself. I suppose it's time...

qwertywev said...

glad you all liked it , is fabuous , u can listen radio for free 1 month , get reLLY cool recommendations and some free downloads too !
@leanne ,u can use itunes ,vlc ,wmp ,winamp and many others too
u guys should really try once !

vertexroll said...

upload your music and earn royalties every time someone listens. Plus, because recommends new music to fans, yours will be played to the right ears.

Anonymous said...

it consumes lot of bandwidth , not beneficial for dial up connection , it hangs my pc

Gooner said...

Is free. I couldn't work it out?

qwertyweb said...

yes ,free for only 1 month for listening radio and all that stuff ,but if you wanna extent subscription you may pay ,BUT for recommendation of songs and downloading general freebies ,its completly FREE

akash said...

amazing ,one of the most awesome site for free radio and free downloading i m using this for months

waswus said...

i've slow internet, it's too bad i can't do this

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