View thumbnails of websites in search results

Use Add-on GooglePreview to see thumbnails on each search result for both Google and Yahoo.

  • Inserts preview images (thumbnails) and popularity ranks of web sites into the Google and Yahoo search results pages.
  • The GooglePreview thumbnail system currently consists of 9 dedicated servers and generates over 15 TB of traffic per month.
  • For a very few search terms, this version will insert sponsored links into the and search results (labeled as 'GooglePreview Sponsored Links').
  • If you don't like the sponsored links, you can disable them in the GooglePreview options dialog.

Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at



SEO BLOG said...

Thanks for sharing the information.

HIFU said...

There was another search engine that allowed you to 'flip' through images. I think they were a bust as I can't even remember their names. LOL.

Bobby said...

Whoa... I never know if you don't have inform it. Thanks

Lewis said...

This is one of the best firefox addons that I have seen it a long time.

I've never ever seen this before.

Raju said...

I have been using this, its nice, but the thumbnails are very old and they dont seem to refresh it for a long time.

Mington said...

Wow, what a great add-on, the future of the web!

qwertyweb said...

but this just screenshot just once ,and whenever websites changes its look ,it doesnt seem to update !

seo company said...

nah, not impressed. as much as people love pics, i think good old fashioned text is best in this situation.

Chaussures pas cher said...

A very usefull plugin, thank you ;)

Austin real estate said...

I prefer the custom Google search results. The thumbnails just add to the internet files space. I think it's not that important specially when you're looking for text or researching for an article. It's not that important. I like the old school style.

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