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Blogger ( and the two main best of choices for free blog hosting. Features which are better at either BlogSpot or Wordpress have been emphasize. You can sign up blogger and wordpress free . Check about arrow this project for a number of converters to and from different Blog services.


Themes/Templates and customization
You can edit template layouts, styles and colors, or install a third party theme. razz
Template editing ,ie editing html codes is not possible . Style sheet editing is only available as a paid upgrade. You can only just upload a header image of the default available wordpress themes . Very few have additional customization options confused

Visitor statistics

You can include third party scripts for tracking visitor stats and analysis like feedjit , mybloglog ,google analytics etc

No scripts allowed. The admin dashboard shows 2 days of stats and daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

Importing Blog posts from other services
Only from another BlogSpot blog , but still there are some tweaks to import wordpress blogs , that may not necessary work accurately !

Import from Blogger WordPress 2.2 and above only can import from Blogger >, Live JournaI, Type Pad, MovabIeT ype or another WordPress blog.

Image storage
1 Gigabyte. There is no interface to browse through the images unless you sign up for Picasa Web Albums.
3 Gigabytes. Paid upgrades are available to add more space.
You can also upload .ppt, .doc, .odt and .pdf files (more file types with an upgrade).

Just 1 Gigabyte. Image uploaded is directly saved in picasa account unless you sign up for Picasa Web Albums.
Simply add the tag [gallery] to any post or page (more info).

Static pages

Not available. doesn't support static pages by default, but you can easily convert a post page to look like a static page
Create posts or 'pages'. Static pages are listed in separate menus.


Optional excerpts
Post summaries (more info).
Some WP themes allow unique text. Others depend on a "more" tag.

Post by email
Submit your posts by email. You can receive new posts by email too (helpful for team blogs).
Submit your posts by email. Images can be attached (more info).

Contact forms

Not available. You can easily add a third party contact form , like , , ,
Simply add the tag
to any post or page.
Private blogs
You can restrict access to invited Google account holders.

(unlimited with a paid upgrade).
Alternatively, individual posts can be password protected or Private.

Team blogs
Administrators and non-administrators only.neutral
Administrator, Editors, Authors and Contributors.razz

Visual confirmation and moderation options, but no editing of comments.
Moderation, comment editing and Akismet spam protection.idea


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thanks for the comparison chart. I've been meaning to write about blogger vs wordpress for a long time. this post made my task easier.

Bisnis Online said...

I more like to use wordpress because the theme and easy to modify in admin area..


admin said...

Excellent Comparision

Tech-Freak Stuff said...

One more hilarious comparison:
People using Blogger mostly migrate to Wordpress after some span of time, but the vice-versa is never true!

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I’m really impressed with your article, such great information you mentioned here, thanks for your sharing and waiting to see your future posts.

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Very nice post. It gives detailed differences of the two competing blog hosting sites. Thank you for sharing this post.

im guides said...

Looks like is the best ever!.

Sweety said...

Yes blogger is can add banners and affiliates codes also...You can use flickr also for photo gallery.The only problem is that blogger gives hindreads of W3c validation errors.


qwertyweb said...

yeahh , i think no one is better than the other coz , both have unique functions and customizations , they both rock :P

Your Canada Immigration Guide said...

blogger is best we can change the codes as for our requirments and we can add banners etc...

stockexplosion said...

Excellent post. Information is great and very useful. Thanks for the share.

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Kenneth White said...

If you ask me Both are good in there own way.

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Beasiswa said...

I prefer Wordpress.

frontpage templates said...

few days before i have mostly used blogger.after seening your post now i perfer word press,Thanks

The Best Forex said...

i prefer wordpress its very easy to access our accounts

Home Lighting said...

I prefer both as both of these are good in their own ways.

Ronnie Coleman said...

actually u all suck, wordpress and blogger suck later on...
& dnt u dare reply me coz i wont be here ever again. ha ha ha u loosers!!!
so long suckers!!!

China’s industry said...

Wordpress is the best to access account i have many blogs in wordpress

Multyshow said...

Great Post!!

seduction community said...

This is a great comparison of blog sites.

I think editing of comments in Wordpress is pretty useful, it lets you respond to people's questions within their posts, in italics or bold to differentiate your responses. Saves on comment thread length and looks a lot cleaner.

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Great Post Excellent Comparison

software for optometrists said...

very informative posting, This is a great comparison of blog sites.

sell house by owner said...

That's a pretty tough comparison. It's really hard to compare those two. They both have different and unique styles. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Maybe I'll go for Wordpress because of its advantage in multimedia settings but it's really tough to choose from those two. Both of them are great and effective. They just have different styles. Anyway, thanks for this comparison.

John R said...

as for free blog service I'll choose blogger/blogspot but for self hosted blog WP is my only choice :D

for free blog service blogspot offer you more customization than wordpress

Engagement Rings said...

I will always prefer Wordpress over blogger for my blogs. the major reason is wordpress is dynamic and is fully customizable, its been the most favourite for all the users across the world. however, i now see that blogger too is trying hard, but it will never be able to take on Wordpress.

Compare Files said...

It's very nice comparison between Blogger Vs Wordpress. Thanks for your information.

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