Chat privately with visitors with Yahoo pingbox

Chat privately with visitors on your social network profiles, blog, or website through Yahoo! Messenger. cool

Yahoo released Ping box for web site or along with the release of Yahoo messenger 9.0.You might have heard about the Google badge,same thing like that,it is now from yahoo.You can even change colors & themes for your ping box and customize as you like. After customizing you can place it in website or blogs on any one of the services.
  1. Blogger
  2. Xanga
  3. Hi5
  4. Friendster
  5. Livespaces
  6. Myspace
  7. Livejournal

Currently wordpress and drupal is not supported sad

You can make own ping box here .

Before going to make your ping box make sure that your PC has Adobe FlashPlayer 9 installed on your system , otherwise, you can download from the ping box site it self and make your ping box.

Features :
  • Send and receive IMs with your visitors when you sign into Yahoo! Messenger. IMs between you and each Pingbox visitor are private.
  • IMs between you and each Pingbox visitor are private.
  • Only you and person you are chatting with can see the IMs, even if there are multiple visitors viewing your web page
  • Works Mac, Vista , Windows 7 , Web, or other versions of Yahoo! Messenger too exclaim


kewlquotes said...

yes , yahoo is very popular but yahoo pingbox is very slow , best is gtalk !

attorneysmax. said...

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Unity said...

A very fantastic article. I m well recognized from it.Thank you so much for sharing.
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Kenneth White said...

I have been using yahoo chat for a long time, it is really very good.

kewler said...

one of the best cool tool for chatting but wish even non yahoo users can chat , coz not many of em have yahoo accounts :(

Home Lighting said...

I always preferred chatting with yahoo chat.

Web Design Agency said...

I like Yahoo.. It's really good to hear about yahoo released Ping box for web site. As i read hopefully the given features helpful to all yahoo users.

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