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             Sometimes you may face problem that you have to count the total characters of your title or whole content matter so that it should not exceed some stats , hence there are some useful  websites allowing to count the total words or characters including space. Where you need to just paste the title or the whole article in the website, and they will count all the worlds with or without spaces.

This tool to count the number of letters or characters in your document is also useful for marketing, advertising, web design, brochure creation, thesis writing, etc.

         There is always a limit of something , 140 character limit for tweeting , or some nos of words for writing essay or article and you have to be very careful about choosing the title. All the main and targeted keywords should be present in your title .As i mentioned  , Very very useful for your tweets on Twitter as the whole tweet should be well maintained with full information accuraely, as well as a multitude of other applications, Journalists writing  article, students working on assignment, freelance writers, researchers, job seekers preparing  Resume or Curriculum .

Simply write or just copy and paste the matter you want to be counted text area. 
When you have finished, click on Count characters (count letters) under the text area, and watch the results appear immediately.
Here is the list of such online words/character counters
I have up till now found out 7 of em , if you know any more , feel free to share and i will add up here


Web design agency said...

Thanks for compiling all word count application at one place. That helps a lot.Great work, keep coming up in future also.

taufan@Handle Money said...

nice tips anyway...
I should try before I post status for my twitter

inpatient drug treatment center said...

I guess we have to blame the marketers for being so creative and convincing.

Authentication Net said...

nice information this is a very usefull for SEO work and other also nice Posting

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