Now Firefox for Mobile

Mozilla had announced a mobile version of the Firefox browser 
and Much awaited Mobile Version of Firefox is about to launch for all mobile for now it supports
Nokia N900
Opera mini right now is the most popular browser in nokia enabled java phones ,while safari for iphone and IE for Windows mobile smartphones .The most popular browser for desktop for all internet needs firefox which accounts greatest share of the global browser market

 Features :
  • The Awesome Bar searches your history, bookmarks and tags to go to your favorite sites instantly
  • Share your Firefox preferences, history, and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile
  • Addons to make your browser your own
  • Tabs that let you browse multiple sites at once
  • One-touch bookmarking to quickly organize websites
 To get this software simply enter your mobile number after selecting location where you will get SMS the url link to download here .
After downloading firefox for mobile , Weave Sync addon is recommended
Helps to Synchronize  bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords wherever you go whether you use Firefox on your phone, laptop, or desktop .

Mozilla has given a glimpse of their designs by posting the  two upcoming mobile browsers on the Mozilla wiki for smartphones and the regular ones Wiki , Firefox Web  .
The parent company of firefox , Mozilla is also working for developing the mobile version which will be compatible with Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows mobile systems.

So lets wait for the mobile version and see how it work as a rival for opera.


Spoof said...

Good to see that there is some competition agains the usual browsers.. Got the feeling that Mozilla has made a huge step forward lately in terms of promotion and growth, they deserve it as they have the best browser available IMO

telechargerMp3s said...

This is great news mozila has lunched web browser for mobile, Will it support in all type of multimedia mobile?

offer in compromise said...

Yes indeed it's good to see that there is a competiotn between usual browsers, and this will definetly improve the quality of the service..
thank you

paralegal online courses said...

I really like mozila firefoxn and I'm really happy to hear that my phone can use this internet browser,
thanx for the info

marriage couseling said...

I really love mozilla internet browser, how can I get it, or where can I buy it??

Philippine Call Center Services said...

Wonder what took them so long.

online gambling said...

It's really very nice news for window mobile users. The firfoxe works amzingly.

Hindi Radio said...

wow thats nice news. if we can use firefox from mobile than sure all the plugins as well will be accessible. that will sure help! thanx for sharing!

Mortgage Home Loans said...

I never know that Mozilla has launched the browser for the Mobile phones also. Thanks for updating us.

engraving tools said...

well,For some reason, my computer seems to automatically turn on mobile settings, so some forums show up as text only and some sites just don't show up. I'm using Mozilla Firefox, and I hate using Internet explorer.

free samples without surveys said...

firefox rocks! no better browser

learn phonics read spell said...

this is a great news. Mozila Firefox is one of the best internet Browser compare any others broweser
I happy to use mozila in my Phone Thanks for sharing

Rx software said...

that is nice news, Mozila is best comapre any other Browser

unlimited free sms said...

Mozila in terms of its speed and multiple functionality have a great role to play.

ASP Dot NET Web Development said...

Great Information, Mozila is awesome

Thanks for sharing

The Moorings real estate said...

That's really great news for mobile users since a lot of us prefer firefox than any other browser. We all know the capabilities of firefox and its add-ons which are superb. Hope it will be available for my phone N95. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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