Forward All Mails From One Gmail Account to Another Gmail

         If you have many Gmail accounts , then its hectic to check mails by opening all accounts . Thus logging in and again Logging Out costs much more time and opening on browsers like IE , Safari or Chrome costs efficiency of PC consuming almost whole of CPU memory , sometimes even making it Hang for a long time
A simple solution : Automatically Forward All Mails From One Gmail Account to Another Gmail
Here's how to do it by merging all gmail accounts with one Main gmail account :
Login to your Main Gmail account in which you are mostly online and receive important mails and would like to recieve mails from all accounts to this one
Go on Settings located at the top right corner of Gmail
Select Accounts
You will see :
When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses:
  • Reply from the same address the message was sent to.
  • Always reply from my default address (currently
(Note: You can change the address at the time of your reply. Learn more)

and below that

Add another email address   (your name and email address will be shown on mail you send)
Before you can send mail as this address, we need to verify that you own this email address.
To perform the verification click "Save Changes".
We will then send an email to the address with instructions on how to verify your address.
Email Address:
Reply-to address (optional) :

Now on second window enter the email address of your other gmail accounts which you want to recieve mails on this default main account in the Email Address box and click Save Changes
Automatically Forward All Mails From One Gmail Account to Another Gmail
You will see another window, where you have to click on Send Verification button or what you can do is just click on the email regarding verification link present at the bottom to verify that email address

Similarly add all your other email address using the same method. Verify and confirm all the email address
Forward Mails from All Gmail Address to the Primary Address


Go to Gmail which is not your Main account , Click on Settings and then select Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Now you will see another box
Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to and type your Main email address
There are more three options , better go for Keep Gmails Copy in the inbox
Click on Save Changes

Now email will be forwarded automatically From One Gmail Account to your Main account

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greenlants said...

Wow, I have tons of gmails, and didn't know you could do this. Thanks for sharing!

refurbished laptops said...

i know about this , i think this is possible in the other big name too

skin lightening blog said...

This is really awesome. God knows I've got more gmail accounts than I can check!

Morten said...

Awsome - ".... got more gmail accounts ...." - yep just like me.

JC said...

Thanks for the info, very useful for me since I made alot of accounts for clients.

personalised gift said...

But i am using Firefox, does it not suppot it?

chicago movers said...

This is a great feature that Gmail supports. I wish sites like Yahoo Mail also allowed this sort of forwarding.

headache migraine said...

I believe that's really great!! I didn't know about this, and it's totally genius! Must say that google can't stop surprising me. good work.
and thank you for the precious info.

Daily Stock Picks said...

Wow. Thanks for the information. I have really no idea on this one. I thought it's not possible because mainly of security reasons but hey, it is. Thanks for sharing this post. Nice one!

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