List of all Gmail Notifiers

            With Gmail notifiers, its always easy and handy to check mails without keeping the Gmail inbox open throughout the day. Here is the list of all gmail notifiers including softwares and widgets for Windows and Mac OS X. Now Customize ‘new mail’ alerts

 1. Gmail Notifier

The Gmail Notifier is an application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages without opening your browser . It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have unread Gmail messages, and shows you their subjects, senders and snippets, all without your having to open a web browser. Gmail Notifier offers stylish and useful new mail announcements for a Gmail account. It gives a great overview of new messages, but doesn’t allow you to highlight or ignore certain mail with filters.
Note : Gmail Notifier isn't compatible with the Google Toolbar.
Requires Windows 2000 or XP .Google Notifier for Mac users here

Download :

2. GAlert

GAlert (Google Alert) is an easy to use and high performance skinnable Google notifier supports Google News, multiple Gmail accounts, label filters and automatic login. It brings clean, easy and elegant look to the way people check their new message.
  • Support Google News instant notification
  • Support multiple GMail accounts and GMail Label filters
  • Support easy automatic login through context menu and system wide Hot Key
  • Support using GMail to send mail from mailto: link
  • Support skinnable Desktop Alert Window and customizable virtual effect, bring clean and elegant look to your desktop (How to create skin for GAlert)
  • Support playing different audio formats (*.wav, *.mp3) etc when new email arrives
  • Protect GMail users' privacy by using HTTPs internet connections and Blowfish account passwords encryption
  • High performance
  • Easily navigate and browse received message using Mouse Scroll Wheel on Desktop Alert Window
  • Support all windows browsers (IE, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera and many more)

System Requirements:
Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating systems


3. Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension

         Allows checking for new Gmail messages for multiple Gmail accounts directly from the browser’s UI. A status bar item will show once installed, and a toolbar item can be added by customizing the toolbar. Gmail Notifier informs you about new messages in a Gmail account via icons in either a Mozilla Firefox toolbar or the status bar, and you can learn which Gmail labels have unread messages, too.
Monitor multiple Gmail accounts from within your Mozilla-based browser.
Statusbar item available for all browsers, and Firefox users get a toolbar item as well.
Supports Gmail Hosted accounts. Simply use username@hosteddomain.tld as the username in the notifier.
  1. Mozilla 1.4+ (all platforms)
  2. Firefox 1.0+ (all platforms)
  3. Seamonkey 1.0+ (all platforms)
  4. Flock 0.7+ (all platforms)

5. GmailGeiger

GmailGeiger is a lightweight and customizable mail notifier for the Gmail service which is a Yahoo widget , GmailGeiger has these great features:
  • Multiple accounts
  • Check only one Gmail label
  • Black Glass, Colorized and Transparent themes
  • Themeable Icon
  • Customizable new mail notification sounds
  • Hide when there are no messages
  • Adjustable check times
  • Optional account label
If you don't already have Yahoo! Widgets installed on your computer, please download the required supporting software.
Works for Windows and Mac (111KB)


5. Gmail Status

GmailStatus is a Gmail notifier for Apple Macintosh users. It installs itself in the OS X menubar and shows the number of unread messages in the inbox.
  • User-definable hotkey opens Gmail inbox in browser.
  • Choose “Check now” to check for new messages at any time.
  • Choose “Open inbox” to open Gmail in your browser.
  • Choose “New message” to compose a new message in Gmail.
  • See labels and their unread count. Open labels in the browser.
  • Move the mouse over the menubar icon to see current account usage.
  • Use Gmail as your default application for writing messages.
  • Support for Growl.
  • Auto-checks for newer version.
  • Also works through a proxy (set proxy for http and https in your network settings)
  • Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

Mac OS X 10.3 or higher and a Gmail account


6. Google Notifier for Mac

         Similar to Gmail notifier for Windows,Easy access to new Gmail messages with a quick preview of the message subject, sender, and snippet.Timely reminder for your upcoming Google Calendar events, including date, time, event title, and location.Shows you alerts in your menu bar, so you can see when you have new Gmail messages or upcoming Google Calendar events without having to open a web browser.
The Google Notifier is in beta.


7. Gmail+Growl

       Growl notifications are small windows showing some text. Out of the box, Google Notifier shows its own pop-up and doesn't sends out those notifications, but Google+Growl helps Google Notifier send Growl notifications instead. Because you can pick between a variety of Growl displays, your notifications can look pretty much however you'd like. And Growl notifications are sent out by other applications as well, so everything can look consistent.


8. Gee

             Gee! is a notifier for Atom Feeds that sits in your menubar. It was specifically written to read the Atom feed provided by Google for their wonderful Gmail service. Their feed lists the number of new emails a user has in their inbox. The icon in the menubar displays the number of unread messages inside a lovely blue icon. Gee! can be configured to play a sound when new mail arrives and rotate its icon to grab your attention. New email information appears in the drop-down menu. This is all configurable from a preferences window.
Gee! will not only work with Gmail's atom feed but with any atom feed. Gee! will just show the current number of entries in the feed. The menu subject and email listings may not appear depending on the feed.
Gee! will check for new updates every time it starts up to make sure you are up to date. This can be turned off in the Preferences.
System Requirements
Macintosh OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later. Works in Tiger.


9. KCheckGMail

KCheckGMail is a simple KDE systray application that notifies when new email is received in a Gmail account.
  • Small (around 230KB)
  • Available in multiple languages
  • eMail snippets + attachments
  • More functionality via DCOP
  • Customizable search Store password safely, using the KDE Wallet
  • Customizable check interval
  • Secure login and data retrieval by using https


10. Notifier2

         Notifier2 is a free windows program that allows you to monitor your multiple email accounts without having to log in. It sits obediently on your task bar and keeps a tab on your accounts. You can monitor multiple GMail, Google Apps Email, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Ymail or Rocketmail accounts. Notifier2 also provides a preview for your email accounts. Only log in if you see some important emails come in. You can also send emails in 2 clicks using Notifier2. Weve saved countless number of hours for our users. Imagine all the surfing you can do instead.
        If you are a blogger or web site owner you can also monitor your affiliate accounts such as Adsense, Adjix, Amazon Associates, Cafepress, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Sitemeter. Finally rid yourself off logging into Adsense every 2 minutes. You can even play a chaching sound everytime you make some moolah!


If you are using any other software / widget for Gmail notifications, dont forget to share it


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