Create a twitterbook pdf

        For twitter addicts who have wasted their time tweeting tweeting and tweeting , heres what you will really love -  the Tweetbook ! Tweetbook, as the name suggests, is a free web service that will make a pdf file of all your tweets since you began micro-blogging . This will create a beautiful a nice magazine ,diary-like PDF ebook of all your own tweets as well as tweets that you may favorited or retweeted  on Twitter. Whats better than Getting your twitter updates, favorites in a fine pdf e-book and sharing wonderful , funny tweets :D
To generate your tweetbook, just click on sign in  (via oAuth) to access to your twitter account and give access and within 3 to 4 minutes you will get your own copy of twitter book !
However you can create book only from your account of only your tweets and not another twitterer , for that he needs to sign in and give access than only you can see his book ( its FREE )

Similarly , you can make a real book out of your blogger blog here


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This is definitely an original and unique concept. I am not sure though if there a re a lot of people who will use this.

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