List of Best Paypal Alternatives

           You many not use or agree with paypal as its not available for each country and sometimes it accepts charge-back if someone gifted you any money or sometimes many people hate this service , its very slow .
So its very much possible , what might not work for you, might work for somebody else - the alternatives . While there are  lots of  PayPal alternatives but some of them only are famous while some of them are still in beta , full of flaws ,
Here is the collection of best , safe and secure budding paypal'ers - the alternatives :

Google Checkout :
               There are huge huge factors that have made Google Checkout at  # 1 spot . Google Checkout requires to sign up with google account obviously and would surely make tough competition with PayPal once more features are launched .  Launched in mid 2006, this service allows users to pay for goods online, for sellers to receive payments online, and of course be able to send money person to person. Checkout has user agreements for over just a few countries but if your country is NOT listed, you can still signup!

AlertPay :
        AlertPay is the most famous site right after paypal , as most of the shopping sites offers both alertpay and paypal transactions .Even its now possible to link bank account as even with paypal along with credit card  , Most of the click ot pay sites like offer money via alertpay which you can easily earn by just clicking sites for 30 seconds ! Launched around since 2004 . With AlertPay you can send money to anyone with an email address and accept payments online via auction sites .

Moneybookers :
            This service is easily allowed on eBay , Though based in United Kingdom still you can send and receive payments from around the globe. Send money person-to-person, receive payments for your online business, send payments online to make a purchase Whats more is that this service is available to persons around the world and is free to signup  . Receiving money is free and sending money is 1% of the total amount sent (person-to-person). Still better service but it charges per amount of money send !

Epassporte :
             EPassporte offers consumers the ability to obtain an Account instantly. Personal Accounts as well as premium accounts ,visa are accepted , very easy to send and receive funds between ePassporte Account Holders instantly and make purchases at millions of retail locations where Visa is accepted , Withdraw funds at over 1 million ATM locations worldwide . Still fairly good alternative and must worth try .

BidPay :
         This manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, Authorize.Net uses the Internet instead of a phone line , Online Merchant  , Retail Merchant, Mail Order & Telephone Order Merchant Solution as well as Mobile Merchant Solutions
Typical service fees—setup, monthly, and per- transaction—are determined by our resellers. See our pricing page for more information. Better but its mainly for business use .

        Works Free and instant transfers to merchants , Fast than paypal and secure payments and get money in and out with popular deposit and withdrawal options. Can also use  Net+ cards to make ATM withdrawals and pay securely on and offline with the money in your  account.

         There are many more out there , but some have public problems while some lack funds while some are still in betas ! Enjoy these list , but the better alternative is still paypal because it still is more used and more secure and more verified safe .
Know more such sites ?  Comment here and i will add up


Hindi Radio said...

Thanx for the list as I was looking for it. Paypal is blocked in India so now people are looking for this kind of thing anyhow.

Addiction Recovery Alaska said...

I am also suffering to paypal due to stopped transferring in india. thanks for suggest me it's alternatives.

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