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        Ever wished to know which are the top ten products of this , that and that one merchandise . Over the last week a new social review network by the name of Tenporium has been released [ in BETA ].

Tenporium is the fun and social way to find the best product reviews and collaboratively build a consumer's guide for various product categories.

Top 10  = Ten  ; Miscellaneous Stuff   =  Emporium
Therefore , Top 10 Miscellaneous Stuff =  Tenporium ; I’ve also been given 50 invites to the Beta for QwertyWEB readers ;
      It is cool way to share and discuss Reviews of any category like best fictional books or top 10 winrar alternatives and discover new ones with people you know. You can write review on any of the categories Books , Movies, Music, and Games , Computers and Office , Electronics , Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry , Travel and many more !
      Here is what preview looks like check this product review , from hundreds of variety to choose from , you can vote for favorite article and comment on it , even subscribe to that review and get updates for new comments or  changes in article .
And soon the new feature of adding your link for source will also be upcoming so that you get a backlink if you or anyone shares your TOP 10's or product reviews from your blog/website .You also get recommendations for a certain topic you are most interested in just like for music its !
As soon as you register immediately you can you can write product guide or review , whats more cool is you also get points for that ,and get ranked to higher levels that can be attained to build your reputation in the community .You can read more about this point system here.

Here is Cute , slick essence TenPorium Logo of Ghost , inspiring “consume” for consumer products and the “monster consumes all” .
Consumer Driven. Feed the Beast.

           Want to see what it is like for yourself?
The first 50 people to sign up with this link will get access to Tenporium . Otherwise it is still in BETA at this point and if you are addicted netizen who loves surfing and checking out the new latest sites , then this one is recommended , Grab invites now or it will be exhausted once everyone signs up !
Here are 10 invites ,once they are over , i will update with another ones . If prior link is not working use the successor one ! Enjoy
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Sam said...

Thanks a lot for invite of this amazing social site , even i was the one to first get wave and again i m lucky ,waiting forward for google buzz :)

Lars Fich said...

thanks for sharing the coide with us, I would like top use the tenporium and have a full use of it. Thanks for sharing the great post.

Carico said...

Sounds like a cool new site. I think I will head over and check them out with the code. It will be neat to see it go from beta version to the real thing!

.net development said...

I like to use this service

Thanks for sharing the Great Post

Click On Portal said...

Always like free stuff.

Self Storage Las Vegas said...

Yup I am with you.I just Enjoy your Experience. you done a very great work!Carry on~ Have a nice time.

1966 Charger said...

Its a really great place to share ideas. I am sure it will turn into a big success.

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