Google Chrome Top Secret Pages Hack

                There are some secret codes which need to be typed in order to get some statistics in chrome browser . If you want to find out how much RAM is chrome wasting , then you find out by Right-Clicking to the vacant top window colored blue area > Choose Task Manager > Stats for Nerds link
Instantly about:stats hack link is shown up in address bar .
Similarly here are below list of such cool shortcuts which can help you save time instead of again and again going to settings in chrome and selecting options :
Displays the version number of your browser,  Webkit and v8 Javascript Engine version also the user agent used by Google Chrome is listed.

Displays a complete list of plugins available in Google Chrome .
All the web pages you view via Chrome are cached in the memory increasing the loading time of web pages when you visit them again. The cache is very useful and contains information of all the visited pages .

Lists out all the memory  used by Chrome.
“Shhh! This page is secret” is the title of this page. And it displays a list of internal timers and counters of Google Chrome

Displays a histogram of Chrome’s internal metrics.

Displays Chrome’s pre-fetched DNS records for the hostnames , that is  , the frequently visited web pages .

If you’re familiar with the Live HTTP Headers extension for Firefox, you could make sense out of this one. This page can be used for I/O tracking.

Now Manually crash a tab at your wish whenever you want to ! Just enter this in your address bar.

Very funny trick to annoy people . Simply Entering about:hang in your address bar would hang the current tab. The tab would then be no longer productive and would be as it is !

             Which is your favorite secret Chrome page? Do let us know by dropping down comments.


Large Format Posters said...

This has been useful. I use Chrome as default browser so any tips to make the process easier would be cool. I'm sure Chrome has other features it offers that a lot don't know about.

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