Digg switches to Cassandra dumps MySQL

                    If you are social networking addict , then you should already know that Digg has underwent a revamp. The Digg team has now launched a new and blazing fast New Digg . Its still not rolled out, however, you can get free beta invites to try upgraded Powerful Digg .
And Digg has dumped the old database MYSQL and now replaced it with their advanced  “engineered” database system,  NoSql and Cassandra. And this is the reason they have taken to undergo swapping

             We were inspired by Google and Amazon’s broad use of their non-relational BigTable and Dynamo systems. We evaluated all the usual open source NoSQL suspects. After considerable debate, we decided to go with Cassandra.
            Digg has undergone major changes right from facebook connect to removal of comments and then massive exponential growth in years. And now they are up with improved relational database technology. Digg says that it is confident that it’s engineers will be coming out with a system, which is more efficient than MySQL . If you are getting good visitors through DIGG  - one of the very much popular social bookmarking  site then you should get a beta invite in advance to try out blazing traffic generators .


Large Format Posters said...

I think that it is generally good overall that they are expanding in features and thinking of their clients more. This will help them gain more traffic. Twitter has a lot more traffic but I prefer Digg.

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