Most Googled Google , Yahoo and Bing Questions

                  Which are the most googled questions regarding Search engines Google , Yahoo and Bing ? Here are the snapshots , which gives clear-cut idea to which queries audiences are googling about other search engines  , ultimately obviously better queries for google being popular  , confusing for bing regarding decision engine and weird about Yahoo mostly yahoo mail haters  .

1] Why is Google ?

2] Why is Bing ?

3] Why is Yahoo ?



e-commerce solutions said...

Hey thanks for this post.It's a very talked about topic that you have discussed in this post of yours.Some of the oft asked questions that you have posted here about the different search engines are the ones that even i had thought of in the past.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

Karthikeyan S said...

He he Very Funny.. Nice Post! I Like Bing's First Suggestion :)

ram said...

ya. it is a very good post :) like to share like these

Futures Wiki said...

Interesting! Those questions can pinpoint the weak and strong points of each search engine...:P

University of Metaphysical Sciences said...

Your blog is awe-inspiring. I have found many new things. Your way of staging is also fascinating. You have elected very incredible topic. I appreciated it.

Michelle | said...

I think since this is a google search we are talking about, they want to put out the bad side of Yahoo. I believe that they may be tweaking this a bit. There are a lot of Yahoomail users they would want to convert to Gmail.

vini@promotional executive pens said...

I actually don't mean that I have any troubles with the word "bing". I just only mean it's a bit odd because it doesn't really work as a verb.thanks for the blog post..

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