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             Microsoft have recently announced the first developers preview of its updated browser Internet Explorer 8 ( IE8 ) - Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9 ). This version is available on IE Test Drive for all beta testers and can be easily downloaded . With constant updates from popular browsers like firefox , Chrome , safari and Opera , finally Microsoft has revealed the first details of Internet Explorer 9 at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles.
                Not longer before Internet Explorer 8 was brought about , but as comparing with its earlier versions , there was not so drastic change with exceptions of few plug-ins and busting of large number of bugs and so not expectations are not much as we have for Firefox or chrome much from Internet Explorer 9.
The new JavaScript engine is code named “Chakra” and now has support for CSS3 and HTML5 .
Accordint to official blog post on msn blog ;
                      The PC platform and ecosystem around Windows deliver amazing hardware innovation. The browser should be a place where the benefits of that hardware innovation shine through for web developers.

Some Features :
  • More support of the HTML 5 standards 
  • Better CSS support, especially for rounded corners
  • Utilization of  DirectX hardware acceleration to improve graphic and AJAX rendering.
  • Highly-interoperable implementation of CSS 2.1
  • Some standards tests – like Acid3 . Now IE9 is running Acid3 
  • In addition to better performance, this technology shift also increases font quality and readability with sub-pixel positioning:

            Many people still crave for IE addons just like firefox and many extensions available on Chrome and many features from Flock , Opera etc . Let’s see what all expectations are satisfied with the final version of IE 9.

Interested in checking out the new Web platform capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 ?
Download Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview


Travesti Yeliz said...

I really like you think everybody informational blogs, this type of information will have everyone even if they have opened. I would firstly like to congratulate the blog owner. We have completed our own issues with the missing. Thank you very much!

Large Format Posters said...

I do hope that it is better than the previous IEs made available to the public. They really should improve on that if they do not want to be left behind.

Telugu Movie News said...

I am using chrome right now and i feel its much better than IE8.I think IE9 should have all the requirements otherwise chrome will dominate again.

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