QwertyWEB gets IntenseDebate comment system

                 Wordpress is growing like a rage due to more professionalism , more features , more plugins and  the main reason is Avatars ! It sounds pretty cool that readers can see the real pic or cool looking avatar of you -the commenter !  Having good avatar can interest the reader to just catch a glimpse of your blog /site . Once they like it , they can be loyal reader or maybe regular commentators  !
This is one of the sufficient step to switch to wordpress etc platforms where universal gravatar look is prevailed which is not so in case of blogger .
         This is the main reason people switch to wordpress or go on finding wordpress comment form kinda alternatives that makes readers to stop and comment !
There are only two good alternatives as per as i know, Go get em !
  1. Intensedebate - very famous are similar replica of wordpress 
  2. Disqus - yet another similar intensedebate but not too much preferred
       Having any one of these cool plugin for Blogger will surely give some love to Blogspot bloggers.

Will again write on these two plugins till then , enjoy commenting on new comment form instead of default boring blogspot one :D