Stop Automatic Playing of Youtube Videos

                        Youtube videos automatically play the moment when any youtube link is clicked . It sometimes is very annoying . There may be case for netizens having less bandwidth and youtube videos gets automatically downloaded on cache .Also when you click on pause , the video still gets downloaded regardless of being stopped temporarily .
Here are the solutions to prevent them from playing :

Trick 1: Use Youtube Prevent Autoplay Greasemonkey Script
           Just install the greasemonkey script and it will work like a charm . But you need to first download the greasemonkey addon , then only the script can be installed .
Download Greasemonkey Addon
Download Youtube Prevent Autoplay Script from

Trick 2: Use Stop Autoplay Firefox Addon
       This addon will stop Youtube videos from auto-playing and also stop all embedded media from playing automatically. Once you click on the video, it will then load and then start playing.
Install Stop Autoplay Extension 

Note : These will work only for Firefox users !

If , still there remains an alternative,  feel free to suggest us .


Latest Technology said...

I like to watch this new automatic playing you is cool and interesting..thanks more power..

Online Poster Printing said...

Having youtube instantly play videos annoys me, and I did not know that you can turn it off so it's cool to know and I'm glad I'll be able to open and not play videos.

lupus disease said...

Totally agree, in my place with very low bandwidth it so annoying and takes time...

vortex debt group said...

o you have done a great work sometimes i was about to break my monitor due to such annoying things of youtube but now all iz well

nardiansyah said...

I prefer to download the video.. But it's usefull posting 'cause i don't knwi how to do it before..

Filipina Contact said...

Totalla agree with you, it´s cost a lot of bandwith with autoplay.

allezzii said...

Additional tips are interesting for me when watching videos on Youtube.
thanks for sharing.

Movies and Videos Blog said...

Thanks for the trick.
I really like the second one - Firefox add on.
It is really helpful to avoid the annoying automatic video play.

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