Add Digg buttons to Blogger

              Adding Digg This button on blog makes it easier for bloggers to easily digg that article and help is spreading dugg blogpost making that visible on digg's front page if dugg by many other diggers which can give hell lot of traffic on blog ! Now just like Twitter - Retweet button ,  Digg have come up with smart and improved  Digg button ;
Here's how !

               Recently , Digg has also launched the redesigned Digg website but invites are yet to given and many people are still excited with bated breath , making Digg to announce the release of new Digg buttons and a widget generator. According to an official Digg blog, publishers can now serve up their content on the Digg platform with greater ease apart from integrating with Digg without too much effort.
The key button features comprise of a dynamic display of live Digg content, faster load time, related stories from the publisher’s site to users who click the button.

               The widget features more customization options without publishers being required to implement the Digg API, headlines linked to the publisher’s content with the Diggbar instead of Digg’s permalink page, tabs and columns as also thumbnails attached to each story. Additionally, when there is insufficient content to display, the widget has been endowed with logic to backfill with relevant content from the same site. Apparently, Digg considers these upgrades as a nice way to get a head start on integration before the upcoming relaunch.

Create Widget here
You can see coding of adding ReTweet buttons here