Complete features - BumpTop 3D desktop

                       Bumptop is making news as it is the latest software [ Desktop based ] that has been teamed up with google . Right  after being presented in TED 2007, it was already famous and working perfectly with many cool features . First is obvios - 3D features ! Being a desktop application it can perform operations like dragging, resizing, dropping, e-mailing, printing  and many more which are quite fun .
By turning the desktop into a three-dimensional space, users can arrange things more naturally and creatively. They can pile things up, just like they can on a physical desk. And it sound like it may be future of computing ,  being the reason for acquisition by google according to my review .
Whats more special is that it is compatible with Mac and Linux [ windows too LOL ]
Posses an undo button so that we can just undo whatever we have done previously.
change the icon of 'bump a folder' at the top right corner of a Windows explorer folder after its bumped. It still shows bump a folder even after you have.

Check this tutorial :

Download BumpTop Free for Mac (1.05.2)
Download BumpTop Free for Windows (DirectX 2.1-6225)