List of best Online Alarm Clock apps

                If your alarm clock is lost or its battery is dead and you are busy surfing online , then how will you manage your time schedule ? From the Internet ? How easy is that and that's where the web 2.0 app - virtual alarm clocks come to rescue !

The regular clocks on desktop does not ring but many software's are available freely , but a virtual alarm clock is something that fascinates a lot and i think its one of the web 2.0 application . Its best to be reminded about something at a specified time in office when you are about to take a short sweet nap and plug your headphones to your ears as nobody else will no :D
Its too simple !
  • Just open a the app from browser window
  • Set an alarm and don't close it ! You can minimize it [ best option ] 

                There are right now these many online virtual alarm clocks available at the moment i am writing this article , i found googling . Very user-friendly and smooth . Do check them out.

  1. Music Alarm -
  2. Onlineclock -
  3. Online Stopwatch -
  4. Online Video Clock -
  5. Online Alarm Clock -
  6. Klukoo -
  7. Kukuklok -
  8. Military Time -

Hope you find this list useful !
If you are aware of bonus apps other than these do let us know in the comments .