Get ready for - Google TV

                  Now its the TV platform google plans to enter and for this Google has partnered with Intel and Sony to create Google TV - a TV platform powered by Android. Google plans to develop custom interactive interface dubbed Dragonpoint based on Android and it would be like an operating system within itself .
              The partners envision technology that will make it as easy for TV users to navigate Web applications, like the Twitter social network and the Picasa photo site, as it is to change the channel. Google intends to open the Google TV platform, which is based on its Android operating system for cellphones, to software developers in the hopes of spurring the same creativity that the consumers have seen in phone apps.
Google already sells TV advertising and there are many Google apps that could improve the TV experience. New York Times says that Google's software will include a new interface for YouTube, a browser and other Android apps that will extend the functionality.
The Google TV Project that involves Intel, Sony and Logitech is due to arrive next month and will surely be killer and will be heavily marketed more than apple's iPad  .