Why iPad wont replace Laptops

         The computer was only for Mathematical use [the time it was invented ] and was more like calculator unless it was completely replaced by calci and computer was replaced by PC [ Personal computer ]  .The computer was now personal and soon there was a new growth of laptops and from data from most of the sources laptops are surely replacing PC's and now recently with the topic like 'Tablets' like the iPad from Apple , it may try to steal the position occupied by Lappy .
However here are the reason it wont replace Laptops :

  • No camera : Apple fans were expecting both front facing as well as back facing camera however there neither of those !
  • No Video Output : No point in plugging  iPad in your TV or any portable device !Network Problem : It sucks! Apple is sticking with AT&T , however they could have gone with T-Mobile, or Verizon .
  • No USB port : First latest device without a USB port ! difficult for pen-drives and other plugs to transfer the data .
  • Worst Capacity : The storage limitation is pretty weird and looks like it updated smartphone with big size instead of advanced laptop with damn sucking storage capacity ! Starting at 16GB, this is lame .
  • No Flash : There's some enemity with adobe and apple we just guess ! No Flash on the iPhone was barely tolerable. On a device that you call Internet-specific to not have Flash is more than annoying, it’s insulting. Flash, love it or hate it, is one huge slice of the Internet. This is not optional and thus more than half of websites operate on flash and how can you forget about widgets and cool funny Flash games ?
  • No multitasking :  During his presentation of the iPad, Steve Jobs called netbook cheap laptops. Not having multitasking on the iPad really sucks and laptops are preferable !
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Do you think Apple didn't thought too much of this whle launching this so called worst product of apple in history ?