R.I.P Floppy disks

                  Sony officially reported to stop production and sales of the ancient storage medium - Floppy Disks till March 2011 .The 3.5-inch floppy was a rage in ancient days when the world hadn't seen CDs and DVDs . It was still pretty useful after the world came to know about it and was one of the necessary component for storing and transferring files between personal computers .

                Sony pioneered the 3.5-inch floppy disk in 1981, eventually replacing the 5.25-inch floppy disk that had previously been the popular storage format. However, as the size of files and programs grew, the floppy disk was pushed aside by inexpensive and larger-format storage medium. With the outrage of portable storage devices like such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives, Sony saw its  sales of floppies decline from a record 47 million disks in fiscal 2002 to 12 million in fiscal 2009.
Sony's decision to end 3.5-inch disk production is just another signal that local storage media and platforms cannot be trusted with your precious data.
Its now a Time to take the task of managing storage platforms out of the hands of consumers and individual businesses and for everyone to consider cloud-based options seriously for now it means that the future PC would have no floppy drives ! Better we be switch to cloud computing and store anything and everything on internet as its much smarter than storing on eventually-to-be-obsolete media, which is akin to putting your memories in a lock box and throwing away the key perhaps in near future there could be another post with floppy disks replaced by CD's !