Wayback Machine - Internet Time Machine

                              The current homepages of yahoo , apple and google looks fresh with awesome options and chic look . But have you ever thought how websites and blogs used to look back the period when internet was just invented in the day? The Wayback Machine is the solution and awesome tool that lets you find out easily how all websites used to look right from lunch to current period .
                    Its pretty much like a time machine with only small difference that , you can check websites and surf as they were in PAST ! Its very funny how internet giants google and yahoo used to look ! very boring and nothing interesting with just few options and boring colour combination's , very obvious as no CSS was available those days !
This Wayback Machine is very helpful and useful for those people who are researching on a history and all that footprints right from source of a particular website. There are hell lot of pages u can browse more than 200+ billion web pages  archiving of which began right from 1996.

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