How to make Ice Cream from Linux

                  I hope everyone is a fan of  ice-creams and loves it right from childhood . No , i am not talking about a software of the name ice cream if you are mistaken from wine - which is a linux app ! Now Linux can make you coffee, wash your clothes, heat your meal and it can also serve you a delicious fresh made Ice Cream !All is now possible with the help of - MooBella .

The MooBella is a Linux-powered ice cream maker currently being tested in New England . However It’s not small enough to use at home, but the ice cream is reportedly pretty tasty creating in less than a minute .The machine runs Linux, which makes it even more interesting. This machine uses Red Hat running on pretty basic off-the-shelf hardware to make 96 varieties of ice cream, on demand, in about 45 seconds per precisely-measured serving. It has a wireless connection for remote maintenance, and you order your ice cream on a 15″ touch screen. It would be great if they could supply us with a mini version of this beauty for at home !

And why Linux?
Because of its connectivity power, and because of its open source nature. “It’s a very powerful system, and there are a lot of people doing innovation in the Linux environment,” Head of MooBella quoted
MooBella doesn’t serve soft-ice but creates real ice cream, in less than a minute. The machine uses MooBella’s proprietary formulas for ice, which are packaged using “bag-in-a-box” technology that requires no refrigeration until the bags are opened.

Here's a mind blowing video for this awesome "innovation" by "Linux"