Alternatives to Blackbird for embedding tweets on webpage

            As you might have read previous post of how devastating it is to embed tweets on webpage using official twitter blackbird app due to huge few limitations with HTML .Therefore it will be no choice but to have bad  worst presentation of that tweet as it may even spoil whole webpage !
So here are the best alternatives that will make tweet embedding more better :

#1 TweetPaste :

 A handy Webapp allowing to embed tweets into blog posts just by copying a snippet of HTML.
Just go to home page and paste the URL of their message
Click on Grab some HTML which they can paste directly into the blog post.
Snippet includes twitterer’s name, link and image and the date the tweet was posted as defaultly present on tweets .
Heres the output :

#2 QuoteURL

Helps you group different Twitter updates from different people into a single page that has a permanent URL. So you can embed on your blog . Only very smooth app and instantly generated tweet , you can get link of tweet or code for embedding .

Heres the output :

  1. Ajinkya Bhat
    AjinkyaForYou Heaven for downloading all kinds of #blackberry games
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

#3 Kwout

Kwout is one of the web-based best screen capture tool along with creating images and also embedding it on another web page where all the hyperlinks in the screen-shot are preserved and remain click-able  !

Heres the output :

#4 Publitweet

Go to (and replace the last bit with your Twitter username)
Sign in with Twitter
Pick your feed from the list [ like your own tweets or lists ]
Click on the newly created list under “Your curated channels” in the right sidebar
Get your embed code and paste it into your site!

This is more complicated , big process hence demo is not given . However it is easy to Customize the colors and other aspects of widget

Do you know any more of these apps ?