Preview Microsoft Office 2010

 Microsoft® Office 2010 gives you rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work - whether you’re at work, home, or school - on a computer, Web browser, or Smartphone.
  Microsoft has offered a free web-based version of its Office productivity suite, known as Office Web Apps, that will debut with the release of Office 2010.

 Here are Office 2010 Applications : [in all 13]

    * Word 2010
    * Excel® 2010
    * PowerPoint® 2010
    * Outlook® 2010
    * OneNote® 2010
    * Publisher 2010
    * Access® 2010
    * InfoPath® 2010
    * Office Communicator 2007 R2
    * SharePoint Workspace 2010
    * Visio® 2010
    * Office Web Apps
    * Office Mobile

Office Web Apps will include online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The web apps will allow sharing and collaboration of documents and files and also feature user interfaces similar to their desktop counterparts. Office Web Apps will be available for free on all popular browsers on Mac, Linux or Windows PC.
Microsoft is expected to ship Office Web Apps alongside Microsoft Office 2010 sometime next year and this preview is only for people residing in United States , but now even you can try it out even if staying in different location using this simple hack :P

  • Create a Windows Live ID ( or or ) if you don’t have one already or if your existing Live ID uses a country other than US.
    While signing up,  select  "United States" for the Country . 
  • You may better put NewYork for the State field in mentioned province/state box and 10001 for the Zip Code or if other pincode of another province is known , enter that !
  • Go to and sign in with your Windows Live ID.
    Click the Documents folder and upload any file to this folder though "Add Files" .
Once the document is uploaded,
you’ll see an invitation to join the Office Web Apps preview program.
An invitation to beta test Office Web Apps should appear by now.
Accept the EULA and you’re all set to use Office Web Apps namely word , powerpoint ,excel and onenote !
Enjoy upcoming Software and trying out working via web before thinking of buying :P


Brochures Printing said...

Wow! That's really exciting! Cheers! Windows 2010! Thanks for sharing the info!

Visit Queensland said...

I wonder what new features will be presented in this new version of popular software.

hunting rifles said...

It is really nice preview of ms office 2010..........

gardening products said...

wow!! excellent work !Thanks for sharing.

Rajesh Kanuri said...

eagerly waiting for 2010 technical preview which i m using is fun and good to use..

navigation icons said...

Waiting for Windows 2010.. Thanks for sharing with us..

are aliens real said...

Hi, I am trying the BETa version of the office 2010 since yesterday but I habe a problem with M Outlook. It starts, asks for the password and them says it has found an error and has to close.

arun506 said...

eagerly waiting for it !

Home Lighting said...

Seems to be really exciting.

Blood Sugar Control said...

Gah, they come out with new ones too quickly! I haven't even gotten Office 2007 yet, I'm still using 2003 because the Office Suites are too expensive!

Honestly, I just don't understand why they need to keep making them so often. They rarely make HUGE improvements, they could just release an update for 2007 and it would work just fine. Though, I suppose it's probably because they like charging you money for the latest stuff...

Wedding Invitations said...

hey thanks for giving us ideas about MS 2010. I am eagerly waiting for it

Web Design India said...

Excellent enhancement, thanks for update news.

The CodeMasterz said...

Waiting for Windows 2010. Thanks for sharing the update news with us.

Catalog Processing said...

Office 2010 has many enhanced applications and features. development said...

I am really exited to use MSO 2010 nice information

Thanks for sharing

software for optometrists said...

Great Post!

Kailua beachfront rentals said...

I clearly remember that I've once been to Microsoft's Web-based Office site long time back when I was experimenting with a web-based office suite, I wanted a good spreadsheet program online which had more than 1mb file-size limit which Google Docs currently has...then I found out Zoho and it was really good because Microsoft Office App was taking so long to load up the site. I am not sure whether they're relaunching it or what...I was also surprised to see Office's web based version for free for everyone but that was it..had found it from Google.

Anyways, with the features it has no doubt it's good but still I do the basic work with Office and my vote will go to OpenOffice, you should do one review over OpenOffice too. It's free afterall.

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